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AJR – Way Less Sad | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

New York based brother trio AJR released their brand new music for the new year 2021. The new single, titled “Way Less Sad,” is AJR’s perspective on happiness and life in general.

“Way Less Sad” is the fourth release off of AJR’s upcoming 2021 album ‘OK ORCHESTRA.’ Previous releases, titled “Bummerland,” “My Play,” and “Bang!” were released in late 2020.

In “Way Less Sad,” AJR brothers take an interesting take on being happy. Happiness is a state of mind and we can make it so that it has little to no correlation to the world around us. One might imagine that having more ‘good’ things will make them happier in life. But this is far from the truth. Having more things makes you worry about losing them, which goes counterintuitive to the whole point.

As the AJR brothers suggest, lowering your expectations from the world around us is one way of going about being happier. Most times, expectations lead to disappointments, hence, logically the lesser the expectations one has, the lesser disappointments one should have.

I don’t wanna hurt no more
So I set my bar real low

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Happiness is a difficult state of mind to achieve. AJR does not sugarcoat things. They do confess that they are not yet happy, but they are way less sad. And that is a big enough improvement to write a song about!

In the second verse of the song, AJR specifically mentions the social media platform Twitter. While a majority of artists do use Twitter as a form of communicating with their fans, it is also a platform known for its toxicity. It is easy to get ‘canceled’ on Twitter by the masses for the smallest misstep by anyone, and they will subject to a flood of hate.

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  1. Just watched you on Kelly Clarkston Show Apr14/21 – Loved It- Awesome Song!
    Haha – I also wondered how many animals came closer to watch AJR perform 😊

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