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Imagine Dragons – Cutthroat | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

American Rock band Imagine Dragons just released songs titled “Follow You” and “Cutthroat.” This is the band’s first music release since their 2018 album ‘Origins.’ The band premiered the artworks for the songs along with the announcement.

The two singles are part of Imagine Dragons’ fifth studio album, yet to be titled, expected to release in 2021. According to Dan Reynolds, frontman of Imagine Dragons, the group has been working on the album for the last three years, since their 2018 hit album ‘Origins.’

In a Twitter post, Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons revealed the inspiration behind the song;

“‘Cutthroat’ is on the opposite side of the record, both sonically and thematically. It’s an exorcism of self pity. An examination of my life – finding that I am beyond blessed – and trying to rid myself of self doubt and loathing. Being grateful for all I have. Ridding my mind of all the meaningless things that have burdened me. Killing the part of me that spends its days lamenting about things that bear no real meaning or worth. Finding that at the end of the day only one Dan will prevail, and its the one that loves myself. Loves my past. My present. Loves my mistakes and problems. My weaknesses. My illnesses. One that wakes everyday grateful for life. That lives fully and is present for those that I love.”

Like Dan Reynolds suggested, “Cutthroat” is a whole other branch of music from what Imagine Dragons are known for. Though not far from their Rock music roots, this track has a wide range of different musical arrangements which complement the chaos of the lyrics.

Watch “Cutthroat” music video featuing American actress Olivia Munn below.

Watch “Cutthroat” Music Video by Imagine Dragons

“Cutthroat” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the first verse of the song, we find out the chaos within the lyrics relates to the pressure building up in the singer’s head. The only lid that holds everything inside of him is Wellbutrin, a brand of antidepressant pills. And when these pills run dry, the singer knows that things are about to pop up!

And what follows is even more perfect!

In the chorus of the song, we hear words falling short, and voices repeating, echoing, and overlapping. Are these signs of the singer’s head exploding? The music complements these feelings with some chaotic beats.

In the second verse of the song, Dan Reynolds draws in some biblical references, talking about Gethsemane. This is the place known to be where Jesus held his final prayer before being betrayed by Judas. Following the same theme, the singer talks about being born into a society of deceit. But the singer is determined–he promises himself that he will rise above all his struggles.

The outro of the song is as also as chaotic as it gets. These lyrics emphasize the ‘cutthroat’ nature of the song that it is intended to be. It shows the fight in the singer rolled up in a nice warm bundle of depression and anxiety.

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