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Imagine Dragons – Follow You | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

American Rock band Imagine Dragons just released two songs titled “Follow You” and “Cutthroat.” This is the band’s first music release since their 2018 album ‘Origins.’ The band premiered the artworks for the songs along with the announcement.

The two singles are part of Imagine Dragons’ fifth studio album, yet to be titled, expected to release in 2021. According to Dan Reynolds, frontman of Imagine Dragons, the group has been working on the album for the last three years, since their 2018 hit album ‘Origins.’

In a Twitter post, Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons revealed the inspiration behind the song;

“‘Follow You’ is a song about loyalty and love. Loving somebody is an incredibly imperfect process. It isn’t always romantic or pretty. Sometimes it can be incredibly painful. Aja taught me self-love and showed me what it meant to truly accept someone without any expectations. She was endlessly patient with me. She didn’t need me. She even taught me that I didn’t need her. But we loved each other and at the end of our 7 month separation a couple years back, we chose to remarry and stay together. I proposed again and she said yes, again. Not every relationship works out this way, but it did for us. Not everyone needs a relationship. It isn’t the happy ending – it is a choice that works for some. And Aja and I re-chose it after experiencing life without each other. I wrote ‘Follow You’ after we got back together. I wanted it to represent a love that is realistic. One where love isn’t perfect, but it endures.”

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“Follow You” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

As Dan Reynold spoke about the song, it is about that one incident in one’s life that changes everything. According to him, it was a text from his soon-to-be-divorced wife after being separated for 7 months. They went and grabbed lunch after and remarried eventually. Dan Reynolds wrote the song right after.

The entire song is a solemn confession of love-to his wife, to himself, and to everyone. He sings that he will stay by her and follow her to her lowest of lows.

I will follow you way down wherever you may go
I’ll follow you way down to your deepest low

The lyrics are also proof that both Dan and his wife went through a tough time being apart from each other. Sometimes, being apart from one another is the best way to realize how much they need each in their lives. He might not be able to fix her problems for her, but he sure will hold her hand through her dark times.

The song comes from a very personal space of the singer, which makes it ever so sweet of a tribute. Let us hear what you think about the song in the comments below. Check out the complete lyrics on Genius.

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