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Polo G – RAPSTAR | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“RAPSTAR” is the brand new single by rapper Polo G from his upcoming 2021 studio album. In the trap track, Polo G sings about being GOATed, his success in hip-hop so far, personal life, and fame and fortune.

Polo G is expected to release his third studio album, titled ‘Hall of Fame,’ following his highly successful sophomore studio album ‘The Goat’ released in May 2020. So far two singles have been released off of the new album, namely; “Epidemic,” and “GNF (OKOKOK).”

“RAPSTAR” became a big hit in a day gaining over 6 million views on YouTube and debuting at #1 on US Spotify with 2.91 million streams.

Watch “RAPSTAR” Music Video by Polo G

“RAPSTAR” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the song, Polo G sings about the success he has achieved so far in the music industry. His debut studio album ‘Die a Legend’ reached #2 in the US and his second studio album ‘The Goat’ reached #2 in the US and $6 in the UK. While these stats do speak success, the best may be yet to come for Polo G.

In the lyrics and in the music video, Polo G professes his love for the luxury car brand BMW. And he raps how he put down a deposit for another BMW for his collection. How does he afford this?

I been makin’ like two thousand a minute

Polo G might be talking about the revenue from his songs and possibly other brand deals.

Despite all the money, Polo G confesses that his life is not perfect. He confesses about being exhausted from the limelight that comes with success. In public, there are a hundred people surrounding him, taking his autographs, taking pictures, and intruding in on his privacy. But when he is home, he is all he has for himself. Polo G confesses that he gets high off of drugs so that he doesn’t have to fear his insecurities and anxiety. This is a bad recipe.

Another prominent lyric on the song is his comparison of himself to the late great Tupac Shakur;

They say I’m Pac rebirth, never put out a weak verse

Tupac Shakur is considered one of the greatest ever to touch the mic in the rap game. So, it is a pretty big deal for Polo G to be compared with the likes of Tupac. Even on Polo G’s 2020 track “Relentless,” he compared himself to Tupac; “G.O.A.T.-ed like I’m Pac, go from a gangster to an activist.” The main supporting argument behind this heavy claim is that Polo G has never put out a weak verse so far in his career.

A fan page reveals that just two years ago, a Polo G feature only cost in the low thousands of dollars, while today, the price has rocketed to around $150,000 per feature.

Polo G also shared a picture of himself with a white headband, a classic look Tupac popularized.

Tupac and Polo G look-a-likes (Image: nostalficexpress.com)

On “RAPSTAR,” Polo G also predicts being stabbed by someone close to him. And he knows this person will be wearing a clean smirk when doing it. This draws similarities to the 1994 shooting of Tupac Shakur, allegedly set up by Sean Combs AKA P. Diddy, his music manager Jimmy Henchman, and Biggie.

Do you agree with his comparison to Tupac? Let us hear what you think about this song in the comments below. Check out the complete lyrics on Genius.

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