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Lovejoy – Taunt | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Taunt” is one of the four tracks on the debut EP released by the brand new British band, Lovejoy. The music video for the song features the popular Internet personality GeorgeNotFound, who is a friend of the lead vocalist of the band, Wilbur Soot.

‘Are You Alright?’ is the debut EP of the UK band Lovejoy. The band consists of four members, Wilbur Soot as the frontman and lead singer, Joe Goldsmith as a guitarist, Ash Kabosu who plays bass, and Mark Boardman who is the band’s drummer. Wilbur Soot has previously released solo material such as “Your New Boyfriend” and “I’m in Love with an E-Girl.”

In “Taunt,” we hear the singers talking about their past relationships. There aren’t many fond memories. But they do remember how she used to taunt them with a stern expression on her face. As usual, the guy was clueless. In the music video, we see GeorgeNotFound seated in a small enclosure and the band members taunting him in different ways.

Watch “Taunt” Music Video by Lovejoy

“Taunt” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Verse 1

In the first verse of the song, we hear Wilbur Soot singing about how she was so annoying to the point that he is so appreciative of the fact that time flies. It seems that she was constantly asking him ‘if he was alright’ and the singer had had it with answering the same question a million times. Sometimes he would answer, reluctantly, and other times he would just pretend to fall asleep. She failed to see that it was her who was making him not so alright.

The singer not-so-fondly recalls one facial expression of hers. He remembers her wrinkling her nose bridge (an expression of annoyance) at him. He never really understood if this expression stood for one meaning because she seemed to do it all the time and he had no clue why. So, he took it as a taunt. Or it felt like a taunt.


The singer thinks back to the days in school when she was probably the prettiest girl around. He wonders if anybody ever said no to her for anything. She might be carrying forward the same mindset into this relationship with him, which almost never works out well.

Verse 2

In the second verse of the song, Wilbur Soot sings more about their relationship. He remembers how she was quite self-centered (maybe habits from school days). She always had something on her plate to attend to. Maybe he was not that much of a priority for her. The singer also calls her insecure, which somewhat contradicts what he has been saying about her so far. Maybe she is putting up a charade to cover up her insecurities?

The singer says he is a listener. But is he an observer? He makes a fool of himself when he is drunk. But he justifies this by saying that he is merely trying to figure her out.


The outro of the song is no different from the rest. He narrates a scene where the girl is dashing out the door, not even waiting for the cab. The singer is still standing in his room trying to understand why she threw her drink at him! He took it as a taunt. Sounds like a fun time.

Through all this, the singer is just glad that time flew.

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