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Lovejoy – One Day | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“One Day” is a brand new song released by the brand new British band, Lovejoy. The song appears in their 2021 EP ‘Are You Alright?’ The lead vocals are performed by Wilbur Soot, a popular online content creator.

‘Are You Alright?’ is the debut EP of the UK band Lovejoy. The band consists of four members, Wilbur Soot as the frontman and lead singer, Joe Goldsmith as a guitarist, Ash Kabosu who plays bass, and Mark Boardman who is the band’s drummer. Wilbur Soot has previously released solo material such as “Your New Boyfriend” and “I’m in Love with an E-Girl.”

In “One Day,” the band sings about a relationship that is very inconsistent. One day it’s all good and the next day all hell breaks loose. One day he is all she wants and the next day she wishes they never happened. The singer is more than just baffled what to make of this situation.

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“One Day” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Verse 1

The entire song starts with the lyric “and stop,” which is pretty cool. This shows how much the singer wants things to calm down or even fully stop. He cannot wrap his head around the constant inconsistencies in his relationship.

“Killing the cat” may allude to the proverb of ‘curiosity killed the cat,’ which means too much poking around can lead to bad results. This line may tell us that the singer had some hope going back into the relationship for the 100th time, but of course, she had to destroy any hopes he had very soon. This line may also allude to the cover art of the album which shows a cat being crushed by an anvil.

The singer also brings in a few examples to show that their relationship is anything but smooth sailing. Lights on in a pub mean it’s essentially closed, or at least the fun hours are over. A toilet seat with the cover up is asking for disaster. A deer in headlights is going to get hit by a car. Wilbur Soot only sees red warnings in this relationship.


In the chorus of the song, Wilbur Soot sings how things are so chaotic right now and he cannot focus on anything. He cannot even think about life ahead of him right now because she keeps on dragging him back.

Verse 2

In the second verse of the song, we hear what the girl wants in this relationship–to keep on rewinding to a past that was good. But it is not practical to stay in the past. They have already burned through the good times of their timeline.

Wilbur Soot sings that he is not afraid of change, but he is terrified. This is the reason why he keeps on accepting her back and back again every time they break up. He is terrified of being alone.

This hard-hitting track is an excellent banger by the young Lovejoy members. We are expecting more great things from them in the future.

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    1. “She said, “Let’s talk about what I want to do”” we can infer that the partner is a female, because of the use of “she”

      don’t get me wrong, i know people that are male can use she/her pronouns and people that are female can use he/his pronouns, or whatever they’d like (not trying to exclude non-binary people, im sorry), but i’m 99.9% the hypothetical person that wilbur is singing abt is female

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