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Doja Cat – Need To Know | Stream, Lyrics & Meaning

Doja Cat released a brand new promotional track “Need To Know” off of her upcoming 2021 album ‘Planet Her.’ On this track, too, Doja Cat carries on the ‘extraterrestrial theme of this album. The song itself is quite sexual in nature as Doja sings about seducing the men she likes with her supernatural powers.

Doja Cat officially announced her third studio album ‘Planet Her‘ a day before the release of the brand new promotional track. She was quite adamant about making sure this was not the next official single of the album; “just something before the next more important single comes out for you to enjoy.”

The music video released for “Need To Know” shows more of this new ‘Planet Her’ discovered by Doja Cat. Although Doja Cat specifically mentioned that this album is not ‘feminist’ themed, this planet seems to be dominated by women. We see how Doja Cat can put a guy in a trance or even a spell just by whispering in their ears. On her massive single “Kiss Me More” featuring SZA, we see how Doja locks up a human being in a little glass jar in her living room.

Watch “Need To Know” by Doja Cat

“Need To Know” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

There is no deep meaning behind the lyrics as Doja makes the idea very clear from the start. In the chorus of the song itself, Doja Cat does not beat around the bush. Doja sings; “I don’t really got no type (Type) / I just wanna f*ck all night.”

Thus, the entire premise of the song builds on a fantasy of Doja to know what this guy is packing.

Throughout the rest of the song, Doja Cat sings about her special powers that run through her body. From her curves to her skills to her magical body parts. Her words are like spells that enchant whoever she wants to get in bed with. If the guy is good enough, Doja is even ready for a one-night stand.

Planet Her is filled with magical beings like Doja Cat, and we cannot wait to see more visuals.

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