Kanye West – Moon Ft. Kid Cudi & Don Toliver | Lyrics Meaning Explained

“Moon” is expected to be an interlude track on Kanye West’s 2021 album ‘Donda.’ The melodic track sings about the want to cruise forward despite past memories dragging you backward. The song features vocals by Kid Cudi and Don Toliver and marks Kanye’s first collaboration with the latter.

Donda’ is Kanye West’s tenth studio album released on August 29, 2021, after being teased and delayed multiple times. Kanye West held two listening parties for the album at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta leading up to the album release, and the third party in Chicago. This track was played at the second listening party.

In the lyrics to the song, the artists sing “I wanna go to the moon.” The moon has forever been a symbol of healing and comfort. It represents a certain calmness that we can find in nature in the moonlight. The singers use this metaphor to hint that they look forward to better days ahead.

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Kanye West “Moon” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review


In both hooks of the song, all three artists sing about their desire to be in that better place. For each of them, this better place might represent entirely different circumstances. However, despite the fact of knowing what they want, they are unsure of how to get there.

How can I get through?
Early afternoon
I wanna go to the moon

In some ancient lores, the moon was believed to be the resting place for loved ones who pass away. In this context, the song might be about seeking closure in the face of grief. How does one get through such tumulous times? Maybe, let the softness of moonlight wash their pain away.


The only verse of the song is performed by Kid Cudi. In these lyrics, Kid Cudi reminisces back to the days he was addicted to sipping alcohol. He also recalls wanting to be a better man. Now that he is, he remembers those bittersweet memories. The biggest questions in life remain in the form of “what if.” What if Kid Cudi had chosen to live a different life? Would things have changed? Would he still have her?

Despite these personal struggles, Kid Cudi did manage to have a very successful musical career. For this, he realizes how blessed he is. There were countless artists who were not so fortunate. Kid Cudi takes a moment to appreciate everything he has right now, including the moonlight that bathes him over. He feels as if angels are talking to him directly. They mutter words of wisdom in his ear, giving him hope and courage to move on.

The singer realizes that there is much more to life than what meets the eye. He was blind once, chasing the wrong pleasures in life. Now, he is much more awake to his senses and to his surrounding. He can never recapture the time he lost, numbing himself away. But, it is not too late to catch up and make up for his past.

Only God knows what’s in store for the singer tomorrow. But the singer knows that as long as he lets His grace guide him, he needs not to worry about the unknown future.

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  1. Temi says:

    “In some ancient lores, the moon was believed to be the resting place for loved ones who pass away. In this context, the song might be about seeking closure in the face of grief. ”

    You are definitely right. My dad died in September and anytime I listen to this song, I think of him.

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    Is this song a rendition? What’s the original song?

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