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Lizzo – Rumors Ft. Cardi B | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Lizzo returned to social media today to announce a massive collaboration dropping soon. She announced her brand new single, titled “Rumors” featuring Cardi B.

Lizzo blew up into the spotlight with her third studio album ‘Cuz I Love You’ released in November 2019. The album contained hits such as “Truth Hurts,” “Good as Hell,” “Juice,” and more. Since early 2020, Lizzo has been inactive on social media and returned to confirm rumors about her new single.

In the song, Lizzo talks about some rumors surrounding her–all of which are sexual of nature. And she blatantly says all of them are true. That ought to shut all the rumors up! Overall, the song is a clap back at her haters.

The music video for “Rumors” features both Lizzo and Cardi B thrown back to medieval days, dancing around in a castle. A special surprise is to see Cardi B pregnant in the video, with her second child.

Watch “Rumors” Music Video by Lizzo Ft. Cardi B

Lizzo “Rumors” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Lizzo seems to address her haters on all the rumors that have been spreading about her. We don’t know if there were these rumors spreading about her before, but we do now.

Some of these rumors include;

  • Sexualizing big girls
  • Having groupies at her shows
  • Had sex with Drake to come up in the industry

Lizzo seems to claim that she is self-made in the music industry. Many artists do rely on the spotlight of much bigger artists to get recognition. Until her last studio album, ‘Good as Hell,’ Lizzo barely had any major collaborations. And now she is working with Cardi B.

Lizzo also claims that the haters have nothing else to do than try to break apart a woman who tries to make it by doing what she loves. Her color, body shape, size, what she sings, and who she has sex with is redundant in comparison to all the social issues that surround us.

Cardi B only adds to the rumors with Lizzo on this track. She talks about her curves being fake and she is fine with it. She flexes on her success in the music industry and the fact that her success largely credits to her not being swayed by hate. If Lizzo gets hate, Cardi should be getting hate in tons.

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