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Alec Benjamin & Dream – Change My Clothes | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Change My Clothes” is a brand new collaboration between the singer/songwriter Alec Benjamin and social media personality Dream. A snippet of the song was played by Dream’s friend GeorgeNotFound on his TikTok and was taken down soon after. The rumors were confirmed by Alec Benjamin on social media and the release date was announced to be August 20, 2021.

Announcing the collaboration, Alec Benjamin Tweeted; “I cant wait for you to hear this song. @Dream is an amazing artist.” Dream is a popular Minecraft player, Twitch streamer, and a YouTuber turned singer. He began his music career in 2021 with his debut single “Roadtrip.” This song was followed by “Mask,” which stands to be synonymous with his anonymous personality on social media, despite having millions of fans.

The teased lyrics sing;

I really wanna change the world
But can’t change my clothes, wanna
Find a girl but can’t find my phone, I just
Lie in bed ’til the afternoon, dreamin’

Listen to “Change My Clothes” by Alec Benjamin & Dream

Stay tuned for the full release on this Friday.

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