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Imagine Dragons – My Life | Lyrics Meaning Explained

“My Life” is the first track on Imagine Dragons’ 2021 album ‘Mercury – Act 1.’ In the song, the band sings about the missteps they have had in life and wanting a second chance at life. The song specifically focuses on drug abuse.

Imagine Dragons released their fifth studio album ‘Mercury – Act 1’ on September 3, 2021. The album contained two singles “Follow You” and “Cutthroat.” Imagine Dragons Tweeted about the inspiration behind this album; “We spent the last three years working on this record. Life has been incredibly hard for everyone around the world. We have all felt the loneliness. We’ve all felt the solidarity. We’ve all felt the fear. This album is meant to be a source of happiness.”

About “My Life,” Dan Reynolds spoke in an interview with USA Today; “I really don’t know what I’m trying to share when I’m sharing it. I never sit down and think, ‘What’s my theme? What am I looking to accomplish?’ It’s more, ‘What am I feeling?’ and five years later I go, oh, that’s what that was about. ‘My Life’ is one of those songs because it’s a vulnerable song and that’s been a hard thing for me. The subject matter is pretty self-evident. I wanted the song to end on a note that felt empowered rather than controlled by substance.”

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Imagine Dragons “My Life” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

The lead vocalist of Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds opened up about his mental health and drug addiction in late 2020 and he made a commitment to sober up in early 2021. In a series of Tweets, Dan Reynolds opened up about his experiences with substance abuse;

“[I] lost my best friend to hard drugs,” Reynolds wrote. “It isn’t rock n roll. It. Is. Sadness. Don’t indulge that false promise. It doesn’t give u edge. It gives you addiction. It hurts your family.”

“I say this as someone who has used.”

“Using is selfishness.”

In the first verse of the song, Imagine Dragons reflects back on their journey in life so far. No one has a perfect personal track record. Sometimes it is normal to feel as if you need a redo in life.

And I find myself in pieces
There are pills on the table and a thought in my head

Dan Reynolds specifically focuses on his drug addiction in this song and he has nothing but regrets about it. He feels broken by the effects of it and he is even more devastated by the impact his behavior had on people around him.

In the pre-chorus, Dan Reynolds sings how he has been struggling to find a new version of himself who is strong enough to reject these monsters

In the second verse of the song, Dan Reynolds admits to being an addict. He wants to be free from the clutches of these monsters, but he finds it quite difficult to do so. Although it might seem as if drugs are helping a person to suppress whatever they want to suppress, the drugs end up consuming the user. It is the sweetest bait in the world.

In the refrain of the song, Dan Reynolds tries to shed some positive light on his situation. He has made through in life this far. This is more than some of his friends have had luck with.

There are no second tries in life. Every decision you make is permanent. So, make sure you live the best version of your life at all times.

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3 thoughts on “Imagine Dragons – My Life | Lyrics Meaning Explained

  1. I get the drug addiction message, but the song also had resonance for me as someone who came out as gay at almost 60years old and in a 29 year marriage. I denied my true self for all those years, although I always knew deep down how I felt. The struggle, pain and conflict that come across in “My Life” are true for any difficult life struggle.

  2. I absolutely love this song. Although I feel some sadness when I listen to it ..I’m drawn to it. I feel the lyrics deep in my soul. Also a recovery addict, stay strong! #wedorecover

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