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“Secret” is the second track on Joshua Bassett’s three-track EP titled ‘Crisis – Secret – Set Me Free.’ In the song, Joshua seems to reveal a secret from the saga of his breakup with singer Olivia Rodrigo.

‘Crisis – Secret – Set Me Free’ EP is the second EP released by actor and singer Joshua Bassett, after releasing his debut self-titled EP in early 2021. All these EP releases will likely culminate in the release of Joshua’s debut studio album next year.

In the first song of the EP, “Crisis,” Joshua claimed that half of what his ex has been singing is false. He also released a song named “Lie Lie Lie” in his debut EP, following Olivia Rodrigo’s success of “drivers license” single. So, we are going to get some juicy secrets revealed in this song.

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Joshua Bassett “Secret” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the song, Joshua Bassett tells us a secret. He dives into his last breakup, which is not part of music history thanks to the success Olivia Rodrigo had with the ‘SOUR’ album. He got slandered for being a bad boyfriend by his ex and now it’s his time at the mic.

Throughout the song, Joshua Bassett implies that his ex-girlfriend had been cheating on him. He brings out the classic ‘he’s just a friend’ story.

Swore that you only had a crush
You told me that you would cut him off

Even though she swore these things, Joshua started noticing little differences from her. When he kissed her, it felt less passionate now. His friends started pointing out the red flags. But he chose to ignore these rumors because he thought he had her figured out.

In the chorus of the song, Joshua Bassett sings that her secret is safe with him. This is as ironic as it gets because he just implied that she cheated on him in the same song.

Don’t worry, ’cause I’m keepin’ my mouth closed

This lyric either mocks his ex or he is actually preventing the spillage of more juicy secrets.

In the second verse of the song, there is a clear hint by Joshua that this song and the EP is about his ex Olivia Rodrigo.

I really hope you had your fun, good for you foolin’ everyone

good 4 u” is a song by Olivia Rodrigo from her debut studio album ‘Sour.’ On the song, Olivia Rodrigo compliments her ex for moving on so easily. In this song, Joshua compliments Olivia Rodrigo for fooling the entire world about the truth about their breakup.

Joshua Bassett calls their relationship a thing made out of ‘smoke and mirrors.’ This means that it was all a fabrication. Smoke is intangible and goes away fast. Mirrors show things that aren’t there.

In the bridge of the song, Joshua has one more mockery packed up for her ex. He implies that her career took off on sympathy.

When “Woe is me” stops working
I bet your songs won’t sound the same

Joshua implies that she painted herself a victim of this breakup story. But when one day when she moves on from this topic, her firepower would not be the same. In our opinion, Olivia Rodrigo is a super talented singer and she should find other topics to further her career in. Breakup songs about the same situation can get boring really fast.

Joshua continues to say that his ex has been spreading lies in both her personal and professional lives about their breakup. We would never know what truly happened and we don’t need to either.

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  1. I think that the song is about sabrina carpenter bc in the music video the girl he is talking to a blond girl and ironically in the first song olivia released she says “your probably with that blond girl” And when joshua basset says “you’ll get killed” he knows that sabrina with get canceled for making joshua go through all of this with the love triangle and she cheated on him right after he chose her

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