Joshua Bassett – Set Me Free | Lyrics Meaning Explained

“Set Me Free” is the third and final track on Joshua Bassett’s 2021 EP titled ‘Crisis – Secret – Set Me Free.’ In this song, Joshua sings how he did not want anyone of this media attention to something as trivial as a teenage breakup. But he was served a cold plate full of hate, attention, sympathy, and ridicule thanks to his ex.

‘Crisis – Secret – Set Me Free’ EP is the second EP released by actor and singer Joshua Bassett, after releasing his debut self-titled EP in early 2021. All these EP releases will likely culminate in the release of Joshua’s debut studio album next year.

In “Set Me Free,” Joshua takes a more passive approach to the situation, confessing that he still cares about his ex and that he harbours no hate towards her as she does for him. This line, in particular, should hit his ex hard; “Why must I hurt for you to feel okay?.”

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Joshua Bassett “Set Me Free” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Joshua starts the song by saying that he has been getting a fistful of what his ex intended to give him ever since her songs took over the globe by storm. He has been getting hate, mockery, and even death threats. If she wanted to see him suffer, she got her wish granted throughout the last year.

However, Joshua is in a more apologetic mood in this song;

Anything I did to make you feel worse
I’d take it all back if I could

Joshua does not want to fan the fires anymore. He has been held at gunpoint for a year now and he is tired and scared. He would like to be set free now.

And nothing I say will ease the pain
Why must I hurt for you to feel okay?

Joshua knows whatever he has to say now will not take back what happened a year ago. It will not even take back the shame, ridicule, and pain he endured for the last year. But he has one important question and this should resonate in the bones of his ex. Throughout the album ‘Sour’ by Olivia Rodrigo, she had clear intentions that her ex-boyfriend should feel what she went through after the breakup. People are different and each will go through a breakup in their own way. Moving on fast does not necessarily mean that he did not love her when they were dating. But if your ex has to hurt for you to feel okay, that is just not right.

In the hook of the song, Joshua Bassett sings that she will not get all of him to boost her career. She already used their breakup. She will not get to use the rest of his life as well. He wants out of this saga now.

I hope you know that I still care about you dearly
But I’ve gotta lock the door and throw away the key

We are not sure how Joshua’s ex would feel about these lyrics. These are sympathetic, apologetic, and forgiving. This is probably the opposite of what she was expecting from him. If he could let go of this drama, he would win, at least in his head. But this probably is a very difficult journey when crazy fans on either side keep on adding hay to the fire.

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