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The Weeknd – Is There Someone Else? | Lyrics Meaning Explained

“Is There Someone Else?” is the tenth track on The Weeknd’s 2022 album ‘Dawn FM.’ As the title suggests, we find the singer battling thoughts of his partner being with someone else. However, we come to know that Abel had this fate coming to him.

The Weeknd announced his fifth studio album ‘Dawn FM’ just days prior to its release on January 7, 2022. The album marks Abel’s comeback to music after his highly successful album ‘After Hours’ that was released in 2020. The Weeknd mentioned that the ‘Dawn FM’ album is a direct sequel to the ‘After Hours’ album. Upon release, the album was live-streamed on several streaming platforms such as Twitch.

Throughout the song, Abel questions his partner about infidelity. It sounds as if the answer would break him in half but it would be better to know the truth than dabble in doubt. The Weeknd also says that he had this coming as he was the first to lie about his own affairs in this relationship.

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The Weeknd “Is There Someone Else?” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Abel talks about that hunch that has been growing inside his head for quite some time now. It hasn’t been the same as before. She seems to be hiding something. Worst of all, she seems to be growing uninterested in their relationship. He can see it in her eyes when they fight. Abel understands this well because he was that person some time back.

‘Cause I used to be the one who was lying (Lying)

The Weeknd has been open about his affairs throughout his discography. His lust for women is only paralleled by his inability to stay committed. So, it looks as if he is getting served a cold plate of his own diet.

‘Cause I need to know
If you’re hurting him, or you’re hurting me

Abel wonders if she is dating another man and is with Abel to hurt the other guy. Or, is she dating Abel and sneaking around with the other guy to hurt Abel. In either case, both parties involved will end up losing and hurting.

And I don’t want to bе a prisoner to who I used to be

The Weeknd knows that his own past is haunting him now. This is the same behavior that he acted on in his previous relationships. He might have wanted to let go of that lifestyle, or at least he says so in these lyrics. But one’s actions bear their own karma. This is not to say that one cannot escape their past. The Weeknd will likely go through heartbreak before it gets better for him. Being in doubt is probably worse than knowing the truth so you can move on. Maybe it is his own actions from the past causing shadows of doubt in his mind.

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  1. Thank you for the accurate description for this song. The music video is out, and has some more light thrown to the meaning, I hope you’ll see this and add something to say about the song.

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