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The Weeknd – Sacrifice | Lyrics Meaning Explained

“Sacrifice” is the fifth song on The Weeknd’s 2022 album ‘Dawn FM.’ In the song, The Weeknd sings how he has nothing to sacrifice in exchange for someone’s love. Abel has been beaten in love so many times that he understands changing himself for the sake of love is not what he is looking for.

The Weeknd announced his fifth studio album ‘Dawn FM’ just days prior to its release on January 7, 2022. The album marks Abel’s comeback to music after his highly successful album ‘After Hours’ that was released in 2020. The Weeknd mentioned that the ‘Dawn FM’ album is a direct sequel to the ‘After Hours’ album. Upon release, the album was live-streamed on several streaming platforms such as Twitch.

In “Sacrifice,” The Weeknd battles with drug addiction–a common theme in his entire discography. While the common wisdom is that it takes sacrifices by both people to make a relationship work, Abel says that he is not willing to sacrifice anything. In fact, he would rather sacrifice her love for more drugs. Because drugs never broke his heart (so far)!

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The Weeknd “Sacrifice” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

The Weeknd starts the song by shouting out to his place of birth: Toronto, Canada. The winters can get pretty cruel in these parts of the world. He associates these snowy nights with his own addiction to drugs. He is both numb to real feelings from drugs and also numb to love from the cold around him.

Uh, every time you try to fix me
I know you’ll never find that missing piece

The Weeknd does not think he needs help from anyone. He tells his lover that they will never find that missing piece to fix him because even he has no clue what it would take to fix him. Also, he does not think he needs to be fixed. He loves his life.

I sacrifice (Sacrifice)
Your love for more of the night (Of the night)

‘More of the night’ entails more of the same thing he has been doing every night until dawn: drugs. The Weeknd is not ready to give up this life, likely because he sees no point. In another song “Gasoline” on the same album, The Weeknd called himself a nihilist. This is a person who believes that life is meaningless and anything that we do bears no fruits. So, it makes sense that Abel does not see any value in her love when it could easily break his heart, again. For someone who does not find meaning in this world, drugs might be an escape into a world that does make no sense at all–a nihilist utopia.

In the third verse, however, Abel takes a step back. He tells us that his approach to life changes when it comes to her. He tells her that life is worth living and gives her the hope and motivation to carry on. But when it comes to his own life, he seeks solace in other substances. So, he asks her not to get too attached to him because he cannot give the same back to her.

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