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The Weeknd – Out of Time | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

“Out of Time” is the seventh track on The Weeknd’s 2022 album ‘Dawn FM.’ In the song, The Weeknd regrets all the time he wasted on other priorities that he drove her lover away, and now there is little to no time to make amends.

The Weeknd announced his fifth studio album ‘Dawn FM’ just days prior to its release on January 7, 2022. The album marks Abel’s comeback to music after his highly successful album ‘After Hours’ that was released in 2020. The Weeknd mentioned that the ‘Dawn FM’ album is a direct sequel to the ‘After Hours’ album. Upon release, the album was live-streamed on several streaming platforms such as Twitch.

In “Out of Time,” we find The Weeknd lamenting over his girl walking out of his life. Although he loved her, he had some other focuses in the past few months, and relationships don’t work one way. When The Weeknd’s end of the deal did not hold up, the girl got tired of waiting. Abel knows he is out of time to do anything about what happened.

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The Weeknd “Out of Time” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

The girl has moved on to better and greener pastures in the absence of any warmth from The Weeknd. The singer has had a lot on his plate recently so he took some time off from everything and everyone to work on himself.

While relationships are two-way streets, Abel’s situation is quite sad. A true lover would have recognized the needs of Abel and would have stayed to support him. To be fair to her, The Weeknd has not had a good track record when it comes to his relationships. So, she might have been fed up with his ways and maybe doubts crept into her mind.

There’s so much trauma in my life
I’ve been so cold to the ones who loved me, baby

The Weeknd only decides to open up about his issues now. However, now might just be too late. She is out of his life.

You begged me with your drowning eyes to stay

These lyrics tell us that she did not just up and walk out. She fought for him, too. She fought for him to come back to reality, life, and to her arms. But The Weeknd is known to run away from reality and into other women’s arms.

Now, The Weeknd can only wait for her new boyfriend to make a mistake. He is waiting for her with his arms wide open. Will she come back for another round of the same medicine is questionable.

The song also contains a spoken outro by the legendary Canadian actor Jim Carrey. He assumes the role of a radio host announcing the life-changing music their station, Dawn FM, is bringing to its audience.

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Watch “Out of Time” Music Video

Abel released the music video for “Out of Time” featuring Squid Game star Hoyeon and actor Jim Carrey.

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