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The Weeknd – Less Than Zero | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

“Less Than Zero” is the fifteenth track on The Weeknd’s 2022 album ‘Dawn FM.’ In the song, The Weeknd regrets how his relationship has evolved with a certain significant other. He used to be her hero, but now he has been reduced to something less than zero!

The Weeknd announced his fifth studio album ‘Dawn FM’ just days prior to its release on January 7, 2022. The album marks Abel’s comeback to music after his highly successful album ‘After Hours’ that was released in 2020. The Weeknd mentioned that the ‘Dawn FM’ album is a direct sequel to the ‘After Hours’ album. Upon release, the album was live-streamed on several streaming platforms such as Twitch.

The phrase ‘less than zero’ refers to a value that is negative. Abel might be seeing himself as someone who has no value in this relationship. Once he was a hero in her life. But now, due to faults of his own, he adds no value to her life. This is a very sad situation to be in. However, in Abel’s case, it might have been a long-time coming for him.

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The Weeknd “Less Than Zero” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

There is little information as to why The Weeknd went from hero to zero in the eyes of this girl.

I couldn’t save you from my darkest truth of all

The Weeknd’s darkest truth could be many things. He is a known lover of drugs and women alike. He has professed his dislike for commitments. He claims to be a nihilist who believes that life has no meaning and purpose. Maybe, Abel’s attempts to hide any one or many of these traits did not work out and it was a deal-breaker for the girl.

Abel also tells us that this girl tried her best with him. This means that whatever secret got unearthed, the girl was there to help him get through it. But The Weeknd is one that cannot be helped because he does not seek help. On several tracks on the ‘Dawn FM’ album, too, The Weeknd talks about his love for the lifestyle he has built around him and how nothing can convince him to deviate from any of it.

I try to fight it, but I’d rather be free

The Weeknd would rather be free than take up a fight with himself. He might have all the help in the world, but the motivation is not there internally. Someone can only be helped if they are ready to receive help!

It makes sense that the girl decides to walk out of his life. She cannot sit back and watch Abel drown. She cannot help him either. So, she decides it is best to leave this toxic relationship behind. Holding on to something that cannot be mended will only destroy her sanity, too.

Abel’s addiction to his own erratic lifestyle seems to have destroyed his chances of being truly happy. But who are we to decide what makes Abel happy and not?!

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