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Harry Styles – As It Was | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

The long-anticipated single from Harry Styles is finally here. “As It Was” is the lead single from Harry Styles’ 2022 album ‘Harry’s House.’ In this song, Harry Styles tackles the hardships of being alone — likely inspired by the lockdowns and quarantines of the past few years.

Harry Styles returned to social media to announce his upcoming third studio album titled ‘Harry’s House.’ From the title itself, we can assume that this album will reflect the life and world of Harry himself. The lead single is evidence of this.

In the music video for “As It Was,” we see several distinctive scenes. In the first scene, we see Harry Styles stuck behind a translucent door, and when he could get out, he feels as if he is moving in reverse. In a later scene, we see Harry strip down his coat, scarf, and pants and get into his underpants. This might represent the liberation he desires from everything enclosing him.

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Harry Styles “As It Was” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the first verse of the song, we see Harry Styles going through some emotions of being alone and stuck behind when the whole world around him seems to be moving on. Even the select few that he thought loved him, seem to have forgotten him. He just wants someone to reach out — tell him they are there.

When everything gets in the way
Seems you cannot be replaced
And I’m the one who will stay

These feelings sound like the emotions that most people went through during COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns. The whole world seemed to get in the way of love, family, and happiness. Some relationships were destroyed by being locked together and others were destroyed by long distances. A handful of relationships thrived on the pure longingness of seeing each other when the pandemic is swept away.

In this world, it’s just us
You know it’s not the same as it was

Harry Styles tries to assure that he is there for his partner and so are they for himself. People, inevitably, change as time goes by. But, true love, should not change. If you genuinely love somebody, distances, pandemics, and not being together, will not matter. After all; “love will keep us alive,” right?

“Harry, you’re no good alone
Why are you sitting at home on the floor?
What kind of pills are you on?”

Harry talks to us in the third person. He sneaks out of his body only to find himself laying on the floor, distraught. He questions himself. Is he on some kind of pills? Or is his heart too heavy? Either way, one truth he knows is that he does not function on his own. As an entertainer, a singer, and a human being, he was made for social interaction. Strip that away, and it’s easy to feel trapped and lost.

Harry Styles wants things to go back as they were — or just one thing in his life to return to normal. Is it love?

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