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Camila Cabello – psychofreak | Lyrics Meaning Analysis

Camila Cabello is back with another song from her 2022 album ‘Familia.’ The brand new song, titled “psychofreak” features vocals by American singer and songwriter WILLOW, marking their first-ever collaboration.

Camila Cabello released her third studio album ‘Familia’ on April 8, 2022. Prior to the release of the album, Camila released two singles from the album; “Don’t Go Yet” and “Bam Bam” featuring Ed Sheeran. In this first album since her breakup with Shawn Mendes, Camila explores her Cuban-Mexican roots inspired by her childhood.

In this song, Camila Cabello is feeling like a psychofreak. There is no one definition of the word except for the fact that her mind is out of control. This mindset could be primarily stemming from her breakup, as she explores topics such as sex and missing that special feeling, it could also be just a result of adulting.

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Camila Cabello “psychofreak” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Camila Cabello opens the song by revealing that she is starting to feel like a psycho sometimes. She cannot pinpoint where these emotions are stemming from. Is it the love that she had to forego recently and she has trouble moving on?

Give me lemonade, I give you limes
House in the hills is a house of cards
Blink and the fairytale falls apart

All of these lyrics symbolize anything but normalcy and stability. No one can make limes out of lemonade. It only works the other way around as per the popular quote: “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” This quote expresses that when bad things happen in life, try to make the most out of that situation. While limes themselves are extremely difficult to eat, lemonade is delicious. For Camila, her life is in reverse. She will make a sweet thing bitter and chase away good people from her life.

A ‘house in the hills’ represent a high point in someone’s life. But if this house is made out of cards, it is very susceptible to being blown away by the high winds on hilltops.

Camila thinks she might be an alien – she is not fit for the brutalities of life on Earth. Don’t we all feel this way, sometimes?

In the two verses of the song, Camila Cabello dives into details of how she feels disconnected from herself most of the time lately. She tries to convince herself that her wounds from her breakup have healed. But she knows that they itch on the inside.

Camila still thinks about her raunchy sexcapades with her former lover. At the same time, she realizes that she does not want to do the same with anyone else. Is she losing her sex appeal at such a young age?

In the second verse, Camila seems to reminisce about her Fifth Harmony days.

Everybody says they miss the old me
I been on this ride since I was fifteen
I don’t blame the girls for how it went down, down

Camila Cabello went on The X Factor at the age of 15. Although she got eliminated as a solo act, she came back with the girl group Fifth Harmony including Lauren Jauregui, Dinah Jane, Normani, and Ally Brooke. Camila left the group in 2016 and the band went into hiatus in 2018 for all the girls to pursue their solo careers. Camila may be getting fingers pointed at being the root cause for the group’s disbandment and she seems to be taking responsibility. Regardless, Camila does not want anyone to point fingers at the other Fifth Harmony girls for what went down.

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