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Harry Styles – Matilda | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

As the seventh track on Harry Styles’s 2022 album ‘Harry’s House,’ comes a moody melody named “Matilda.” The song narrates a story of a person who has had to put a little too much in her life so far.

Harry Styles released his third studio album ‘Harry’s House‘ on May 20, 2022. The album follows Harry’s previous release in 2019, titled ‘Fine Line.’ The new album takes melodic themes about people’s mental states during current days. Although, the album cover paints a house turned upside-down, a house is where your heart is.

The song title “Matilda,” maybe a reference to the 1996 movie of the same name. The movie tells a story of a girl named Matilda, who is gifted with intellect and psychic powers but is also an orphan who gets mistreated in her orphanage.

Harry Styles avoids using any pronouns in “Matilda,” so anyone who goes through a similar situation will be able to relate to the character.

“Matilda” was inspired by a person Harry Styles met once. He talked about the incident with Apple Music;

I had an experience with someone where, in getting to know them better, they revealed some stuff to me that was very much like, ‘Oh, that’s not normal, like I think you should maybe get some help or something.’ This song was inspired by that experience and person, who I kind of disguised as Matilda from the Roald Dahl book. I played it to a couple of friends and all of them cried. So I was like, ‘Okay, I think this is something to pay attention to.’ It’s a weird one, because with something like this, it’s like, ‘I want to give you something, I want to support you in some way, but it’s not necessarily my place to make it about me because it’s not my experience.’ Sometimes it’s just about listening. I hope that’s what I did here. If nothing else, it just says, ‘I was listening to you.’

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Harry Styles “Matilda” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the song, Harry Styles talks to a person named Matilda. Harry Styles has casually struck up a conversation with this person and deeper they go into their life stories, Harry realizes something.

Matilda, you talk of the pain like it’s all alright

When pain and suffering and heartbreak have been all that you have seen and known your entire life, that becomes one’s reality. They know nothing beyond these boundaries. This is their ‘normal’ life. Only someone who looks into their life from the outside can see what is going on in their life.

Harry sees this person riding their bicycle aimlessly and worry-free. Aimlessly, she wants to lift off into her own little world. She does not know that there is a better world waiting for her, which might or might not be a good thing. In her own world of ignorance, exists her bliss.

You can throw a party full of everyone you know
And not invite your family ’cause they never showed you love

Matilda has not known much love from her family. Growing up, they must have had a pretty lonely life, and they did end up escaping those clutches. But, someone who did not grow up being loved, would probably have little idea about self-love. They moved on with their life into better surroundings, but they might have not found anything life-changing.

Matilda will not find something that they are not looking for. Matilda needs to know what being loved is before they can even open up to being loved.

You showed me a power that is strong еnough to bring sun to the darkest days

The calmest waters are usually the deepest. Matilda was as resilient as they came. They had a certain aura about them that could change and touch someone’s life. Harry Styles felt her presence through his skin and bones.

Harry Styles has one request for Matilda–let her past go. Matilda doesn’t even know that their past is holding them down. One’s past does shape up their personality. But it doesn’t necessarily have to define their future. Everybody has a choice at all times. Because, the choices and the reality that these choices create, exist in one’s mind.

Matilda can create her own family filled with love and laughter. But, does she know what that even means?

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