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Sabrina Carpenter – emails i can’t send | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

On the title track of Sabrina Carpenter’s 2022 album, she talks about the resentment she harbors towards her father for cheating on his mother. Once he was the superhero of Sabrina’s life and now she can’t even stand the thought of him being her dad.

Sabrina Carpenter released her fifth studio album ’emails i can’t send’ on July 15, 2022. The album was released after spawning three hit singles; “Skin,” “Fast Times,” and “Vicious.” Sabrina Carpenter started writing the songs during quarantine as a coping mechanism for everything going on in the world and being a casualty of a celebrity love triangle.

In an interview with Teen Magazine, Sabrina Carpenter shared that the song was inspired by real events. The song claims that Sabrina’s mother had it in her heart to forgive him for his act of adultery. However, Sabrina still has a hard time forgiving him and also the insecurities this incident created in her has affected her relationships as well.

Listen to “emails i can’t send” by Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter “emails i can’t send” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

The short song gets through to the point really fast.

October 13th of some year has been one night that shattered the foundations of the Carpenter family. Sabrina claims that her father was with another woman that night, around 10:15 pm. The father must have tried to lie his way out of this and failed.

There’s no “us” in us when I’m lackin’ trust
You wanna discuss, ugh, you disgust me

It must have taken years to build up the trust and faith between Sabrina’s parents up until that fateful night. But, it takes 15 minutes of lack of judgment to destroy everything they built up. This kind of mistake is not easy to reverse. His actions on that night seem to have rippling effects on people around him, especially his daughter, Sabrina.

And thanks to you, I, I can’t love right
I get nice guys and villainize them

Naturally, Sabrina has trust issues in her own relationships now. She has developed a habit to look at every guy through a broken filter. It’s hard to love someone when you don’t trust them.

Daughters usually look up to their fathers as their superheroes growing up. Dads are their first lovers. Now, Sabrina can’t even look straight into her dad’s eyes. She can only see a cheater who betrayed her family. She begs him to fix their broken home.

But some actions cannot be undone!

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