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Sabrina Carpenter – skinny dipping | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

Sabrina Carpenter gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘skinny dipping’ in her new song titled the same. Skinny dipping is an activity surrounding good times. However, Sabrina sings that her skinny dipping happens in the water under the bridge, which changes the dynamic of the situation quite drastically.

Sabrina Carpenter released her fifth studio album ’emails i can’t send’ on July 15, 2022. The album was released after spawning three hit singles; “Skin,” “Fast Times,” and “Vicious.” Sabrina Carpenter started writing the songs during quarantine as a coping mechanism for everything going on in the world and being a casualty of a celebrity love triangle.

In the song, Sabrina Carpenter goes through an entire life cycle of a relationship–from meeting the boy in a random coffee shop to having arguments with him in his garage. She realizes that they have been swimming at the edge of a cliff for so long that it’s time to let go now. The fall might be hard, but it’s the right thing to do.

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Sabrina Carpenter “skinny dipping” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

The first verse of the song is dedicated to that magical encounter between Sabrina and the boy. Their fates intertwine at the oddest chance–a coffee shop on a Wednesday of all days! They do their routine ‘how do you do’ and suggest that they should do this on purpose next time.

The spark is ignited!

Fast-forward a few months, and that spark is barely illuminated. They have constant arguments over nothing and neither of them knows what to do. They very well know how they sabotaged their relationship, but nothing can be done to fix it now.

We’ve been swimming on the edge of a cliff
I’m resistant, but goin’ down with the ship

So, both of them sink with the ship. If they had a re-do, she knows exactly what they should have done and not done to save this relationship. But, hindsight is always 20/20. Sink, they shall.

The second verse is where the horrors of denial start to ramp up. Instead of moving on, they decide to ‘fix’ their relationship. Maybe ‘attempts’ should be valued still.

But how they approach their problem is all kinds of wrong. They think about the coffee shop they first met and wonder if they will be able to set foot there ever again. Maybe, bickering about past mistakes is not healthy now. Going forward, they will try to be more democratic.

All of these ‘solutions’ they propose to save their relationship really show that neither of them has an idea of what really went wrong. Maybe they are just not compatible together.

Moving on just might be the wisest thing to do now.

If we could take it all off and just exist
And skinny dip in water under the bridge

‘Water under the bridge’ is an expression used to say that someone is moving on from a bad experience in the past. Of course, moving on is not easy. This is why Sabrina wants to sugarcoat her past memories with a happy memory such as skinny dipping.

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