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Taylor Swift – You’re On Your Own, Kid | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

“You’re On Your Own, Kid” is the 5th track on Taylor Swift’s 2022 album ‘Midnights.’ It certainly is a difficult path in realizing that you truly are on your own through all the ups and downs in life. Regardless of love, money, success, and fame, what you make of everything around you is up to you.

Midnights‘ is the tenth studio album by Taylor Swift following her ‘evermore‘ and ‘folklore‘ album releases in 2020. Announcing the album, Taylor Swift said “This is a collection of music written in the middle of the night, a journey through terrors and sweet dreams.” The album was released on October 21, 2022.

This song could be the thirty-something Taylor Swift looking back at her younger self–when she was a kid and the whole world looked promising. At this point in her life, she was not burnt and bruised by the things life really throws at her. While romance is the central topic in this song, it can be related to almost any experience in everyone’s life.

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Taylor Swift “You’re On Your Own, Kid” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Everyone in their teenage years has that one person they want the attention and ‘love’ from. Taylor was no different. She hated her small, laid-back town with no prospects of becoming successful as a singer. She yearned to leave this town. There was only one person that could make her stay.

Summer is the season of life and joy and laughter. One more summer passed by and Taylor still doesn’t have the attention of the person she wants. This winter will be harder.

She is good friends with this boy and he doesn’t seem to decipher any of the hints she passes to him. Of course, she does not have the courage to ask a boy out–nor has it happened in this small town.

She might have to settle for being just friends.

Taylor plays the game ‘he loves me, he loves me not’ plucking the petals away on a flower she finds. She ends up with ‘he loves me not.’ Is this a coincidence? or is this the universe answering her question? She does not want to believe this, but there is a limit to what and how long she can put her life on hold.

Meanwhile, Taylor finds her liking and talent for songwriting and singing. It grows on her and she could sing all the things she could not just say out loud. This was it. This was her white knight–not the boy, but her own.

You’re on your own, kids…

Taylor runs to the big city and becomes a star of the world. Her name will be cherished long after she leaves this world. But at what cost?

She gave her blood, sweat, and tears for her craft and to become the star she is today. She had to maintain appearances and keep her body fat under check. Sacrificed her love interests far too many times. Love could have saved her, but she found none, on time. She was a different person now. Her friends from home would not recognize her. These bridges were burnt a long time ago. But so is life;

Everything you lose is a step you take

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