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Taylor Swift – Bejeweled | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

“Bejeweled” is the ninth track on Taylor Swift’s 2022 album ‘Midnights.’ The airs out the singer’s frustration of not being treated better by her partner. She realizes that she is a jewel and shall be treated as such.

Midnights‘ is the tenth studio album by Taylor Swift following her ‘evermore‘ and ‘folklore‘ album releases in 2020. Announcing the album, Taylor Swift said “This is a collection of music written in the middle of the night, a journey through terrors and sweet dreams.” The album was released on October 21, 2022. A surprise ‘3am Edition’ was released just three hours later from the main album containing seven bonus tracks.

In an interview with iHeart Radio, Taylor Swift talked about the inspiration behind the song; “The song “Bejeweled” is a song that I think it’s really about finding confidence when you feel that it’s been taken away, for whatever reason. You know, you’re feeling insecure, you’re feeling taken for granted… One of the things we love to do at night, ‘cause we love to go dancing, we love to put on an outfit that makes us feel good, and we love to feel like we’re still bejeweled.”

“Bejeweled” track got its own music video packed with friends and celebrities making appearances. Actress Laura Dern, singer trio Haim sisters, burlesque dancer Dita von Teese, iconic makeup artist Pat McGrath, and music producer Jack Antonoff appeared alongside Taylor Swift.

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Taylor Swift “Bejeweled” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Taylor Swift realizes that his partner has not been very good to her lately. She has been a little too kind towards him and he has been pouncing on this opportunity to walk on her peace of mind. And…to make things even worse, metaphorically, he is walking on her peace of mind wearing the shoes she bought him. This is to hint that this guy has been taking advantage of her success and also not giving her the proper respect and love and adoration she deserves.

Taylor Swift has a piece of advice for all of us; “Puttin’ someone first only works when you’re in their top five.” Probably a rule of thumb to live by. Her partner cannot put her in the basement of his heart. She deserves the penthouse. But this does not mean that she is going to lose her shimmer. She would rather shine than be overshadowed by someone else.

But, Taylor Swift is still a star–bejeweled by her own accord, not by the jewels she can wear. And it’s about time her partner and the whole world understand this.

Trying to impress her partner and the whole world, Taylor Swift keeps on failing. But she did all the extra credit work but still got graded on a curve meaning the bar keeps on moving. No one can ever please the entire world. You can try to please your partner–the correct one. It’s either going to be a beautiful life or a lesson learned.

Being a celebrity of the magnitude of Taylor Swift, one would expect her to have a perfect life. However, on the contrary, the higher you get, the worse it works against your personal life. It becomes very tricky to find suitors who want you for who you are. Her own jewels work against her. Naturally, she has to guard her own sanity and stardom. She has done this so far and will continue to prioritize herself in the future, too.

If you are trying to sweep Taylor Swift off her feet, get in line.

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  1. The story from the lyrics of this song has made me recognize who has been present at night in the room. To this day I still feel he exists.

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