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Miley Cyrus – River | Lyrics Meaning Review

“River” is the seventh track and the second single from Miley Cyrus’ 2023 album ‘Endless Summer Vacation.’ The song speaks of a passionate relationship between the singer and their partner which resembles a flood in a draught.

Miley Cyrus released her 8th studio album ‘Endless Summer Vacation’ on March 10, 2023. Prior to the album’s release, the first single of the album “Flowers” was released on January 12, 2023. The follow-up single was released along with the album, accompanied by a sultry music video.

In an interview, Miley Cyrus talked about the inspiration behind the song; “It was a time in my life where I was going through just a lot in my life emotionally and personally. And I guess all my songs kind of evolve, they could start as something that was a trouble, like it just feels like it’s an April Shower, it never stops raining, and then it started raining down like love.”

The music video for “River” shows Miley in a sultry black dress dancing under a spotlight. The black-and-white music video turns into a dance party with hot male models while water pours down on them.

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Miley Cyrus “River” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Miley Cyrus mentioned that she wrote this song when she was going through some turmoils in her own personal relationships. In that sense, this song represents how Miley wants her story to end–being showered by the next man who comes along.

The sultry lyrics kick in from the get-go. Yes, the evening starts with a walk in the park with her partner. Quickly it turns into some hair-pulling action back at her place. No, they are not fighting as they are wrapped in each other’s arms.

Miley Cyrus compares her lover to a shower that keeps on pouring. As sexual as this sounds, it also means that this partner is giving, refreshing, and fulfilling. She also brings in the famous reference ‘April Showers bring May flowers.’ Better days are ahead.

Miley Cyrus also compares her lover to a river that keeps flowing. Usually, rivers are metaphors for calm and quiet energy. However, in this song, we feel like, she is thinking more of a river that is screaming downstream, taking everything in its path, and energetic.

You could be the one, have the honor of my babies

Miley spares no time to show her interest in a long-term thing with her partner. While this line literally means she wants to have his babies and settle down, given the energy of the song, it could just be a heat-of-the-moment scream.

Regardless of the sexual tension of the song, Miley Cyrus does mention that her partner’s love is like a river as well. This gives us some closure that this relationship is not a few nights under the sheets. She is actually being nourished and enriched as a flood does to a draught land.

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