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Morgan Wallen – Dying Man | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

“Dying Man” is the 36th and final track on Morgan Wallen’s 2023 album ‘One Thing At A Time.’ In the song, the singer talks about him being saved by an angel on earth from all his destructive habits.

Morgan Wallen released his third studio album ‘One Thing At A Time’ on March 3, 2023. The album contains a massive 36 songs, beating his own previous record of 32 songs in his last studio album ‘Dangerous: The Double Album.’ The new album’s promotional single “Don’t Think Jesus” became a big hit.

Throughout the song, Morgan Wallen goes through all the different ways he was set on a highway to hell. This is not a novel concept–a singer going down knocking at all the wrong doors thanks to fame and money. Morgan even references the late great Elvis Presley, who passed away untimely due to drug abuse, and Country music star Hank Williams, who had a troubled life due to alcoholism and passed away due to heart conditions at the age of 29.

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Morgan Wallen “Dying Man” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the first verse of the song, Morgan Wallen talks about his legacy. Despite being a very talented musician, he had developed a knack for getting attached to bad habits such as alcohol, drugs, and possibly worse things. Even worse was his attitude that no one could really reach into him for help.

It certainly seemed like he was on a fast track to hell. And no one was going to stop him!

Twenty-one and lookin’ thirty, but actin’ half my age

Musicians getting hooked on bad habits and passing away way too soon are not alien to us. There have been way too many of the kind and Morgan Wallen seemed like he was going to be next.

The passing of the late great music icon Elvis Presley at the age of 42 practically stopped the world for a second. His death did not come as a shock, however, as many had witnessed his deteriorating health due to heavy drinking and drug abuse. Eventually, his heart gave up the fight and the world lost a great talent.

The passing of the late great Country music star Hank Williams had a similar impact back in 1953. Only at the tender age of 29, Hank Williams had not only built a reputation for his music skills, but also for being an absolute drunk. In both his professional and personal lives, Hank Williams lost a great deal of success due to his drinking habits. Eventually, his heart, too, gave out.

Morgan Williams might have been the next big headline on a Monday newspaper after an entire weekend of drinking and drugs. But miracles do happen!

He was saved by an angel. She came into his life at a very crucial time and changed everything for the better. She was the only one who could get through to the singer and make him realize his destructive ways.

Morgan Wallen was a dying man at this time. He had given up on himself and it is very difficult to correct your ways when this happens. It takes the force of nature to turn a man like this around. But she did spin him 180 degrees. She showed him that there’s more to life than making his mind go blank with stimulants.

The singer was never the type to believe in angels. But this changed when an angel believed in him first. Sometimes it can be the slightest thing that can alter the course of a man. It can be as little as believing in them or giving them a different purpose in life.

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