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Doja Cat – Demons | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

Doja Cat continues her demonic persona in her latest single and music video. She is getting scarier and scarier in each new video thanks to makeup and some demonic tattoos. The song addresses the constant criticism Doja has been receiving throughout her career, especially recently claiming she has sold her soul for fame.

“Demons” is the third single from Doja Cat’s upcoming fourth studio album titled ‘Scarlet.’ So far, we have seen “Attention” and “Paint The Town Red” as singles from the album, which also address similar critics as in this song. The album is expected to be released on September 22, 2023.

After getting a tattoo of a demonic goat with scales on her hand, Doja also got a tattoo of a scythe over her left ear. Obviously, some people went mad over this and claimed that she had sold her soul to the devil in pursuit of fame. On July 11, she Tweeted; “Someone is always going to think negatively of us and thats why the way we dress or the way we sing or the way we paint and dance and express doesn’t mean f*ck-all as long as it makes YOU feel amazing. Opinions are unescapable. Enjoy the time you have here.”

Further steering into this hate, Doja Cat continued to get more demonic tattoos all over her–the latest being a bat skeleton figure on her back.

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Doja Cat “Demons” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Doja starts off with the hook of the song further teasing her haters. They said she sold her soul to the devil, she knows she cannot shut them up, so why not steer into the hate? What would they say then? Doja Cat was doing very well before her new role as the servant of Satan. Hence, these allegations are pretty outrageous.

In the first verse of the song, Doja Cat serves. She kicks off the verse singing that she is on to bigger things. What is she comparing her actions to? To those of her haters. While her haters are typing on social media, achieving seemingly nothing, Doja is focusing on herself. It is hard to say that her critic’s comments achieve nothing. They give the energy to Doja to come up with songs like this and rake in more bags.

I’m a puppet, I’m a sheep, I’m a cash cow

In the second verse of the song, Doja Cat swerves into the hate. This is a proven method to tackle hate. Everything her haters said to her, she wore like armor in the lyrics of the song.

Puppets and sheep are closely associated with cults and demonology. Cash cows, not so much. However, in marketing, cash cow is a market area with high profits. Doja is at the center of this hypothetical market segment in music. Everything she puts out turns to gold at this stage of her career.

Doja Cat also says that she destroyed the hopes and dreams of many in the recent past. How? By being whoever she wanted to be? How did this destroy other people’s hopes and dreams? Because their dreams were misplaced. Fans and critics want their superstars to be a certain way and stay that way throughout. But people change and so do our favorite celebrities. If you liked them for their music and talent, you are unlikely to get disappointed at any point in their career.

If Doja Cat is trash, she is still getting those bags. By hating on her, you just made her richer.

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