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Beyonce – MY HOUSE | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

Beyonce absolutely killed it with her Renaissance World Tour, which spanned over 5 months from May to October 2023. The tour became Beyonce’s highest-grossing tour of her career and eighth highest-grossing tour of all time. This brand new song, titled “My House” was initially previewed during the end credits to the ‘Renaissance’ film, based on the world tour. Eventually, it was released as a surprise on December 1, 2023.

“My House” is a burst of energy with an up-tempo beat bragging about Beyonce’s dominance in the music industry. The world tour is a definite example of her influence still in the game.

In the only verse of the song, Beyonce brags about her influence in the industry and out of it. Jay-Z and Beyonce are still the power houses in hip-hop and nothing is off limits to them. If she wants pink diamonds engraved on her privates, there is nothing stopping her. The ‘Renaissance World Tour’ is estimated to have raked in revenues north of $560 million in 5 months.

I’m done savin’ this money, tonight we gon’ ball out

The chorus of the song really dives into the title of the song. Beyonce sings about her childhood dream of having her own house. Now, at 42 years old, she could afford multiple houses. In fact, she made the whole world her house. If someone has to say something against it, they can just see themselves out of this house she built, because she owns it.

In the bridge of the song, Beyonce talks to her haters as well. She says she will love them, too. But she knows that they won’t love her still because they don’t know how to love themselves to begin with. She has made herself a goal to heal the world with love and shall not stop at anybody to see this goal met. ‘Renaissance’ is her medicine and the whole world is her patient needing love.

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