Taylor Swift vacation in Hawaii shows belly button

Infamous Taylor Swift Belly Button Appears on Vacation Pics in Hawaii

Looks like Taylor Swift is enjoying the last weeks of freedom before her ‘1989 World Tour’ begins and everything goes crazy. Taylor was busy on Instagram a few hours ago, posting several pictures and an adorable video from her vacation to Maui, Hawaii. She is on a whale-watching trip with Haim sisters Alana, Danielle and Este. Taylor’s pictures included them having fun at the beach, a hike, swimming in the ocean and whale-watching on a boat.

Taylor Swift Belly Button Makes an Appearance in Sexy Bikini

If we didn’t know any better, we would say ‘where’d all these models come from?’ Take a look at these gorgeous ladies clad in bikinis.

Taylor Swift's belly button in a midriff bearing bikini from vacation in Maui.
Taylor Swift’s belly button in a midriff bearing bikini from vacation in Maui. [Source: Instagram]

Taylor captioned this picture “Greetings from Maui”.

Taylor Swift made a statement last year about how she will not commit to displaying her belly button on stage performances. But she did not say anything about showing her gorgeous body in a candid vacation picture. It’s not about insecurities, it’s about being ‘appropriate’ when it’s necessary. Role-model Taylor Swift, indeed!

Apparently there are some gorgeous spots for a hike in Maui too. Taylor and her ‘Squad’ took this picture from their hike.

Taylor Swift hike in Maui
Taylor captioned “Hiking with the Squad in Hawaii.”
Taylor Swift vacation in Maui
Taylor riding on her friend like a boss! They know how to have fun!

Taylor Swift captioned this “Este-back ride.” Este Haim is strong, or is Taylor light weight?

Taylor Swift Haim sisters
Taylor and Haim sisters waiting for Whales to pop up!

And then they see whales….


Taylor is like a 5 year old discovering Ice cream for the first time. She screams “whale” “Whale” and “YES WHALE”. LMAO.

Taylor Swift belly button
Taylor Swift in her 1950s bikini

Apparently her friends teased her for this bathing suite. Taylor captioned this picture “She’s always wearing, like, a 1950’s bathing suit.” Looks like some Haim sister pointed this out to Taylor and she’s laughing!

That’s a round up of the seemingly amazing vacation Taylor Swift and the Haim sisters had in Maui, Hawaii.

How many life goals did you think of going through these pictures? Let us know! And what do you think of Taylor’s infamous belly button? Is she right to do what she does?

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