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Shakira Has the Biggest Facebook Fan base and Taylor Swift is the Most Discussed

If you consider the following on a Facebook fan page to be an official statistic of how popular a celebrity is, let us break down the numbers for you. Biggest Facebook fan base to the most active and some statistics that will surprise you.

Shakira passed an important milestone last year. She passed 100 million followers on her official Facebook fan page. That is an incredible achievement. No other celebrity has achieved this hallmark and that’s how big this achievement is. She even released a special ‘thank you’ video for this specific milestone. Her FIFA World Cup performances (2 years) has definitely helped her boost her fan base across the world. As of now, Shakira has 107, 631,886 likes (followers) on her fan page and she takes the lead, closely followed by another legend.

Eminem will most likely be the second celebrity to go beyond 100 million followers on his official fan page. Everybody loves Shakira, but not Eminem. Considering that fact, it is quite amazing that the Detroit rapper has 98,731,924 likes on his page. He had been absent from the rap game a few years ago due to issues with drugs, but came back with a killer album “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” and most recently “Shady XV”. Both albums have helped boost his following on social media, the former contributing the most. Eminem isn’t active at all in any of his social media, hence it is directly reflected in the amount of activity his page receives–which is at a minimum of 147,694 (compared to Shakira’s 1,241,954). Either way Eminem has the second biggest Facebook fan base and looks like it will continue to be.

Rihanna takes the third place on biggest Facebook fan base run, with a following of 90,011, 651. Rihanna’s new album ‘R8‘ is coming up. So we will see a boost in these numbers very soon. Rihanna, besides her music, is taking part in a lot of modeling gigs and is a controversial character. Hence she is talked about by 765,920 at the moment.

Michale Jackson Has the 4th Biggest Facebook Fan Base

Quite surprising and not surprising at the same time. He is the King of Pop forever! Michael Jackson (RIP) passed away in 2009 and his fan base is still growing. It may be growing at a slower pace compared to the other artists on the list, but it’s quite satisfying to see him at the fourth spot, and also he is talked about by around 560,000 people, which is quite impressive, considering Eminem lags way behind. MJ has a following of 80,282,250 on his official fan page on Facebook.

Teenage-heartthrob, Justin Bieber holds the 5th biggest Facebook fan base with over 77,901,367 followers. He is a controversial character in real life and hence is discussed by around 1.8 million people at the moment. Surprisingly, still JB is not the most discussed celebrity. There are rumors of a new album by Justin Bieber, but he hasn’t confirmed anything yet. Should he release a new album, or any piece of music for that matter, these numbers will sky-rocket. And he could possibly pass MJ in the process.

Those are the top 5 celebrities with the biggest Facebook fan bases. I will note down the other celebrities below.

6. Katy Perry – 77,377,610 followers – 248,095 Talking About
7. Bob Marley – 76,735,164 followers – 1,406,587 Talking About
8. Taylor Swift – 74,424,609 followers – 1,898,793 Talking About
9. Beyoncé – 67,709,775 followers – 1,524,791 Talking About
10. Lady Gaga – 67,295,003 followers – 1,109,571 Talking About
11. Linkin Park – 67,225,492 followers – 121,422 Talking About
12. Adele – 64,384,482 followers – 128,175 Talking About
13. Pitbull – 63,146,925 followers – 784,020 Talking About
14. Bruno Mars – 62,213,169 followers – 987,630 Talking About
15. Selena Gomez – 61,466,482 followers – 2,194,929 Talking
16. David Guetta – 59,217,173 followers – 255,607 Talking About
17. AKON – 57,506,352 followers – 83,038 Talking About
18. Avril Lavigne – 57,342,074 followers – 1,080,995 Talking About
19. Lil Wayne- 56,564,706 followers – 329,575 Talking About
20. Enrique Iglesias-52,305,700 followers- 1,250,732 Talking About

Bob Marley at 7th spot makes us regain our faith on humanity. It’s so good to see that the legends of the game have not been forgotten.

Taylor Swift is the Most Talked-About Celebrity Right Now

“Talking About” statistic on Facebook shows the number of mentions of a certain Facebook page around the Facebook network. So basically someone has to be talking about a specific artist to tag or mention their Facebook page in the discussion. Only a few people actually tag the celebrity pages in their discussions on Facebook. Some mistakenly tag unofficial pages as well. All things considered, newest Pop queen, Taylor Swift is the most talked about artist on Facebook right now.

It’s quite understandable, Taylor’s popularity. Since the release of her latest album ‘1989’, Taylor has been the topic of discussion on all mainstream media. Her album is a massive success–the most successful album of 2014 and in 2015 up to now. She has been performing countless concerts and has been on countless talk shows. Her music videos are receiving incredible amounts of views (“Blank Space” music video passed 500 million views on YouTube, latest “Style” music video has 16 million views in 5 days), her singles climb on top of every music chart in the world and so on… So it is quite not surprising that she is mentioned 1,898,793 times on Facebook along as of now. That’s quite incredible.

Bob Marley is discussed roughly 1.4 million times right now, which surprises me beyond belief. But it makes us so happy too.

So there are the numbers.

Let us know what you think about them and what numbers you find ordinary and extra-ordinary.

[All statistics are as of 18/02/2015] 

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