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Join Us to Wish Eminem a Happy 44th Birthday

There are several events in the world, when most of the countries get together to celebrate. Celebrities often make this list and a few rappers have made this list. Among them, the most iconic would be the White Rapper from Detroit-Marshall Bruce Mathers III AKA Eminem AKA Rap God AKA Slim Shady AKA B Rabbit.

On 17th October 2016, Eminem turns 44 and he doesn’t look a year older than when he was 35. Music cleanses one’s soul and once you stop caring about the negativity around you, then you can achieve inner peace. Eminem has actively avoided the spotlight for many years-starting from the passing away of his best friend Proof. He has experienced it all, and he has decided to tune down things and he has been looking forever young ever since.

Eminem (August 2016) looking better than ever. The Rap God got on stage with Drake
Eminem (August 2016) looking better than ever. The Rap God got on stage with Drake

Eminem’s next album is long overdue and there are rumors of a new album dropping out in 2017 titled ‘Roots’. But as Eminem is not one for promotion or advertising, we would not know about the album until it gets released tomorrow.

But Eminem has not been idling. He has collaborated with many artists for the last couple of years and produced many tracks too. His latest work was seen in “Kill For You” by Skylar Grey. Listening to the lyrics of his verses on the past few tracks, we can clearly say that Eminem has not lost his touch-he has just tuned down for good.

Eminem is at a point in his career that he will not be provoked by any sane artist. So it has helped him lead the calming life he has chosen of late. But his lyrics barely hide the fire inside him. And we have yet to see Slim Shady in this stage of his life.

Eminem Turns 44…

Marshall Bruce Mathers III is 44 years young today and the whole world has gathered to wish him a long life. The largest Eminem fan group on Facebook ‘I’m Just MARSHALL MATHERS‘ has been overflowing with birthday wishes from die-hard fans from all over the world. The group has over 150,000 members and below are some of the birthday wishes.

Nitin Taitwal wishes;

44 Years ago RapGod was born
YES #HappyBirthdayEminem #Legend #king #MarshallMathers #D12 #ShadyRecords #SlimShady #Genius
Stan’s Drop your #HappyBirthdayEminem Edit pics

He also added the below pic and invited Stans to pitch in.

Nitin Taitwal wishes Eminem a happy birthday!
Nitin Taitwal wishes Eminem a happy birthday!

And the wishes have been flowing in….

SB Thakur created a lengthy and inspiring post about what made him a Stan and what made Eminem who he is today;

44 years ago today,
A boy took birth in MI.
Since childhood he got amazing
talents and wasn’t afraid to explore
them. Its been 44
years and he still looks 24. I got no
words to describe his greatness.
They said Rap was for the blacks.
But this dude changed the whole
motherf*ckin game. Had a f*cked up
life. Got divorced and remarried.
Divorced and remarried. His father
left him when he was 6 months. His
mom was a drug addict. He was
abused by all the blacks in his
neighbourhood. No one ever thought
he would have come this far and
would be one of the greatest hip
hop artist and one of the most
influential person in the world.
He faced lots of disasters,
The boy used to be discriminated.
He faced bully,
Discrimination in his hip hop career,
Wasn’t got family support,
Was cheated,
Lost his limited friends,
Suffered lots of drug issues,
Even went to jail
Fought for his existence.
Now he’s 44 and have everything
which most of the people dream to
3 loving daughters,
Lots of screaming ready to die fans
Hundreds of his talent spots.
Millions of people inspired by him
and his songs,
I’m one of them;
Wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY
to him with lots of love and
SHADY till i die

From lengthy posts such as the above to simple and humble posts have been made to wish Eminem a happy birthday.

eminem 44th birthday
Pravin Berzerk‎ shared this post with a simple ‘Love you Marshall’ caption
eminem birthday
Eminem RapCards page created this edit…

And the charade goes on and on, and it will go on until the days’ end. It’s truly inspirational how a single person from the dirts of Detroit have been able to move the world without even smiling with the world. His true nature has humbled us all and his words have marveled us.

He is truly a Rap God by definition.

Happy Birthday, Eminem!

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