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Skylar Grey Premiers “Kill For You” Featuring Eminem (Lyrics Review)

Skylar Grey has released yet another track from her upcoming album and this track features Detroit-own Eminem. She announced that there will be one track featuring vocals by Eminem and we got to listen “Come Up For Air” that was produced by Eminem. Now we have the track that features Eminem on the vocals and it’s titled “Kill For You.”

The track takes a moody melody, which is really about commitment in a relationship to the extent that she would ‘kill for you.’ The audio track released has a whole bunch of sounds at the start of the track which suggests that it has been ripped from a video. So we know that “Kill For You” is getting a music video. Can’t wait for that.

Listen to “Kill For You” below


Although short, Eminem’s verse in the song goes as;

In your dream, you’re drowning, I just walked in and saved you
I’m your alternate escape route, the altar you pray to
Your ultimate savior, your behavior is altered
Ain’t your fault cause I made you
Brainwashed and persuade you
Gibraltar, you’re faithful, never falter or waver
When you causing the danger I’m your guardian angel
Nobody can tell you shit, you’ve already made your
Mind just follow me, babe, you
Won’t be sorry you stayed, you
Always ride, whatever the plan is
To the end, even if I led us into an ambush
Even if we robbed the First National and cops caught us redhanded
They’re coming at us, and we’re trapped, put our backs up
Against the wall, and it’s too tall
You catapult me or hold the ladder for me
Stay back to get captured, take the fall
You make it all worth it
Baby doll, you’re perfect the way you are
Accidents happen
All I know is you love me, that’s really all that matters
And any who cross our paths are just collateral damage
At your side, got your lateral, back, your front, diagonal Backwards, blackbirds, we attack like animals
When they threaten what we have it’s a natural reaction
You lay a bitch flat on her back in a second flat for me
Who tries to take your man from you
It’s blasphemy, another casualty, you’ll go whatever route
Whatever you have to do, you blast for me, I never doubt that

‘Natural Causes’ album will be out by the time you read this article, so you can download the song on iTunes  and Amazon.

Make sure to leave a comment about the song and your favorite line from Eminem’s verse.

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