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Listen to All 16 Tracks from Ed Sheeran’s ‘Divide’ Album

Ed Sheeran’s new 2017 album released on March 03rd and everyone is freaking out about the 16 tracks on it. They are so vivid in nature and so much like Ed Sheeran-the soulful ginger we know. Being the generous humankind he is, Ed Sheeran has put up all of the 16 tracks on YouTube for free streaming, knowing perfectly well that it would kill album sales. So do listen to the entire tracklist off of ‘Divide’ for free and please do buy the album on iTunes or Amazon.

We have already witnessed three songs off the album as two promotional tracks and one birthday gift. “Castle On The Hill” was the first taste of ‘Divide’ and we knew something special was cooking in the background. “Shape Of You” was the second to get released and it has been the #01 song on Billboard Hot 100 chart for consecutive 7 weeks and counting. “How Would You Feel (Paean)” was released on February 17th for Ed Sheeran’s birthday.

So following are the rest of the songs from the ‘Divide’ tracklist.




“Galway Girl”


“New Man”

“Hearts Don’t Break Round Here”

“What Do I Know?”

“Supermarket Flowers”


“Bibia Be Ye Ye”

“Nancy Mulligan”

“Save Myself”

That is one amazing tracklist that is guaranteed to put the album on Billboard 200 debut on the #1 rank. The individual songs are already buzzing around all social media, especially on Twitter.

Let us know your favorite tracks from the ‘Divide’ album and maybe comment your favorite lyrics from the entire album in the comments below. We will make it a discussion.

2 thoughts on “Listen to All 16 Tracks from Ed Sheeran’s ‘Divide’ Album

  1. I am a late arrival with Ed’s music and so enjoying it! Sorry I missed him in concert and hopefully will get to see him another time! Love this album…….

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