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Review of the Bizarre Video for “Secrets” by The Weeknd

The Weeknd’s 2016 album ‘Starboy’ has opened up a new page in his career, giving birth to Abel Tesfaye and a whole lot of mind-numbing visuals. “Starboy” and “Party Monster” are of the same genre. And this time the latest single from the album, ‘Secrets’ also get a quite bizarre set of visuals set in a hallucinogenic library in Canada.

“Secrets” music video has Abel walking through some mirrored walls in a burgundy-decor building as he follows this woman who is in a disturbed sleep in the middle of the library, on a white platform as four men look upon her standing from the four corners of the platform. It is pretty bizarre to say the least.

I hear the secrets that you keep
When you’re talkin’ in your sleep
I hear the secrets that you keep, keep, keep
When you’re talk, talkin’, talkin’

Watch “Secrets” Music Video by The Weeknd

Wipe… the…
Lust from your eyes
I see that you’re not mine
I can see the lust in your eyes

Although somewhat different to the previous work from ‘Starboy,’ “Secrets” still resemble the theme of the album-life. Abel had a part in composing the lyrics to this song as well.

The crucifix that has been appearing in all of the music videos from this album also makes an appearance in this video as Abel walks out into snow and stands infront of a giant crucifix.

“Secrets” music video was directed by Pedro Martin-Calero and I believe he is trying to send us a message. It is not too optimistic to think that there will be more music videos releasing off of ‘Starboy’ in the future.

What are your opinions on the video and the song? Jot them in the comments below.

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