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Clavin Harris – Hard To Love Ft. Jessie Reyez (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Calvin Harris is teaming up with an upcoming 26-year-old Canadian singer and songwriter Jessie Reyez to bring his new music video “Hard To Love.” This is unlike any work we have seen from Calvin before. The new single is groovy and a good beat to dance away to. It would be a shame to call this track EDM, because this is better.

Jessie Reyez has her own style of music, but we get a hint of Sia and Amy Winehouse. She has a free-flowing and care-free style which has us hooked. She performs the entire vocal track on the song while Calvin Harris works his magic on all the music.

“Hard To Love” song speaks about the singer’s attitude towards love. She wishes her lover to love her for who she is than her looks, which makes perfect sense. The song appears in Calvin’s 2017 album ‘Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1’ which has also produced massive hits like “Feels” and “Rollin.”

Watch “Hard To Love” Music Video

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In the music video, Jessie Reyez is seen wearing a black cap with the words “Kiddo” engraved on it. That is the name of her debut EP. She has a unique voice and that goes perfectly with the funky tunes of “Hard To Love.”

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Hard To Love”

Verse 1

I don’t like to talk, but I love to sing
And I don’t smoke, but I love to drink
I’m paranoid, I don’t miss a thing
But I’m still nice, at least that’s what I think
Fall in love like I’m a freak
But then I pull out, and say
“I need freedom, I need freedom” (woah-woah)

The singer explains her personality-which looks a lot like a free flowing, independent and happy individual. She says she doesn’t talk much, but she loved to sing and she doesn’t smoke but has a drink once in a while. She gets paranoid about things, but that doesn’t mean she is unaware of the things around her.

She thinks she is nice. But that depends a lot on the other person. She is a freak when loving someone-she does is wholeheartedly and that scares her. She then backs away from it saying she needs space.


I guess I’ll take it, heartbreaker
A title, I can’t shake it, can’t fake it
I guess I’ll take it, heartbreaker
A title, I can’t shake it, can’t fake it

She is being called a ‘heartbreaker’ because she backs away from relationships when things get serious. She says she accepts it because she can’t fake being in love. She would rather be called a heartbreaker than being in the wrong relationship, suffocating.

Jessie Reyez
Jessie Reyez

Baby, I’d rather be hard to love
Than easy to leave, you should believe me
I’ll make you need me
I’d rather be hard to love
Than easy to leave, you should believe me
I’ll make you need me

Jessie Reyez says she would rather be hard to love than be a person who is easy to leave. She would be a heartbreaker than being heartbroken. But this is not a selfish deal-she promises she would make her man need her. But if he is not the right fit, she would get out of the relationship as early as possible.

Verse 2

‘Course you love me, you don’t know me
But I got news for you, I came broken
Ego issues, my head is swollen
I got a million chips on my shoulder
But if you stick despite all I showed ya
Maybe you don’t need freedom, freedom

When someone loves you without knowing you, it is just a sexual relationship. She says those kind of relationships break her apart when finally the ‘thrill’ is gone.

Others might call he egoistic or swollen-headed, but she knows she is not in the game for ‘cheap thrills.’ She is in it for love and she has a lot of responsibilities. But if the guy decides to stick by despite all what she shows him, maybe he is ready to sacrifice his freedom for her?


Go deeper, go deep
I love it when your roots go deep so I know you won’t leave
Go deeper
I like being ugly, that way if they love me
I know that they love me for real

The singer says she loves when the roots of love go deeper than just skin deep, which means they make a real bond between each other. A stronger root means a stronger bond and that is what “Hard To Love” really asks for. One of the stronger lyrics from the song is when she says she is happy with being ugly because if someone decides to love her, at least she knows he is not in it for the looks. He will be loving her for the person she is. That is the ultimate goal of love.

With that we conclude the lyrics analysis of this amazing track “Hard To Love” by Calvin Harris and Jessie Reyez.

Jessie Reyez is very impressive in this major breakthrough collab with Calvin Harris and we are hooked to her voice.

What is your opinion on “Hard To Love?” Comment your ideas and what these lyrics mean to you. If you enjoyed this review, share this article with your friends.

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