taylor swift rip off the page sneak peek

Is Taylor Swift’s Next Single Called “Rip Off The Page?” (Sneak Peek)

Last month it was revealed that UPS will be the official distribution partner for Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Reputation.’ The news got some media attention as Taylor Swift herself played a part in the commercial. However, since the ‘Reputation’ album release date is drawing closer, some promotional tools must be used to increase the pre-orders. So, a second commercial was developed-this time without Taylor Swift. And what gets more views than Taylor Swift herself? Her new music.

In the background of the new UPS commercial we hear a heavy electro-pop song we have never heard before. We know Taylor Swift is a recent fan of electro-pop music since her conversion in ‘1989’ era. Within the heavy electronic music we hear some voice continuously going ‘rip off the page…’

Watch the New UPS Ad with “Rip Off The Page” Snippet

The music in the background, whatever the song titled be, cannot just be a random never-before-heard song from some artist. Taylor Swift does not do ‘coincidences.’ All her moves are well pre-planned. So what is this song?

The biggest speculation is that this ‘rip off the page’ lyrics are from the next single from ‘Reputation.’ We have already witnessed the star power of Taylor Swift through record breaking two singles “Look What You Made Me Do” and “…Ready For It?” Could this be the third single?

Whatever the case is, the Swifties around the world are super excited about any possible news of a new single. After “LWYMMD” getting beaten by “Bodak Yellow” on Billboard Hot 100 chart, the Swifties need something to rally around again. “Rip Off The Page” could be the next big thing.

What do you think? Is “Rip Off The Page” (if that is even the name of the song) going to be the next single? Or is it some random snippet? Let us know in the comments below.

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