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Pink – Revenge Ft. Eminem (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Pink has confirmed the existence of a collaboration with Eminem titled “Revenge” in a recent interview. This song acts as the second single off of her 2017 album ‘Beautiful Trauma’ out on October 13.

In the same interview Pink said that “Revenge” is a ‘funny and a fun‘ song which should not be taken seriously. So shall we. Pink said she hit up Eminem on email with the sample and the Rap God replied “OK” thus enabling this collaboration.

“Revenge” speaks about a post-breakup situation where one party is furious that the other wasted so much of their time and ended the relationship. The lyrics are quite intense, and might be the reason why Pink told the fans upfront to not take it seriously.

Listen to “Revenge” by Pink Ft. Eminem

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Revenge” by Pink

Verse 1: P!nk

Like Leo in The Revenant
Abel in that Bible bit
Revenge is sweet, isn’t it?
I really, really hope for it
I know that it won’t fix a thing
A song like this that I could sing for you
All the feels you make me do
A nightmare fucking coming true
I wish I was a lawyer, I would sue you
Sue you, take your dog, take your house, take your shoes, take your heart

Pink refers to Leonardo DiCaprio who played an amazing role in the 2015 movie ‘The Revenant’ where he had to take revenge from his team mates when they killed his son and left him for dead too.

To explain the Abel bit in the Bible we seek help from Wikipedia;

“Abel, in the Old Testament, second son of Adam and Eve, who was slain by his older brother, Cain (Genesis 4:1–16). According to Genesis, Abel, a shepherd, offered the Lord the firstborn of his flock. The Lord respected Abel’s sacrifice but did not respect that offered by Cain. Cain died at the age of 730, leaving his corrupt descendants spreading evil on earth. According to the Book of Jubilees, Cain murdered his brother with a stone. Afterwards, Cain was killed by the same instrument he used against his brother; his house fell on him and he was killed by its stones.”

And then Pink gets to her feelings about this ex. She knows that taking revenge won’t solve a thing, but she refuses to get betrayed and stand down doing nothing. What she can do it convey her hatred into a song and make a million dollars out of it-which looks like a healthy way to go.

Pink wishes she was a lawyer so she could sue him literally for everything he has, including his dog and shoes.

Pre-Chorus: P!nk

Here comes that singing part
I’m daydreaming
Let me count the ways
How I’ll get you, or how I’ll make you pay
Babe, I’m hurting and now you’ll feel the same
That’s my plan, that’s my plan, that’s my plan

“Revenge” goes into a funky melodious tune from the pre-chorus and that is what Pink means by beginning of the singing part.

Pink is daydreaming of the ways she can get revenge on this guy and she wants him to feel the same pain she is feeling now.

Chorus: P!nk

We could do revenge, revenge, revenge, revenge
Together, together, together
We could take revenge, revenge, revenge
Revenge is sweet
We could do revenge, revenge, revenge, revenge
Together, together, together
We could take revenge, revenge, revenge
Revenge is sweet

The chorus is just a catchy beat emphasizing on her revenge-fantasy.

Verse 2: P!nk

Well here’s where girlfriends come in hand
Especially those that understand
Crime’s a crime but listen man
Really cannot give a damn
We’ve all been through this kind of thing
Say the word we make it sting for him
He can’t just get away with it
Eye for eye you piece of shit
You treat us like a garbage pit
Let me at him, wait for it, wait for it

Pink says these are times when girlfriends really come in handy and should stick together. But only those who understand what it is like to love and be cheated at love. And Pink says her girl-squad is ready to sting (so that it hurts) the guy if necessary.

Verse 3: Eminem

Well, in the beginning we felt like we was meant to be
I fell for you and skinned my knee, but hell with any injury
Eventually you’ll get up gingerly
It feels like it’ll take a century to heal, but just know that I will
But fuck trying to make amends
I’d rather take revenge


Eminem the rapping maestro joins with Pink on this funky track. From the start, Eminem starts playing with syllables-injury-gingerly-century.

Em also supports Pink saying it is useless to try and repair a broken relationship. You should rather say f*ck it and take revenge.

You’re stickin’ safety pins inside my atrium, your day begins at 8pm
You hit the ATM in my Mercedes Benz with all your lady friends, whores

‘Atrium’ is the upper part of the heart through which blood enters the heart. Sticking safety pins in the atrium is a clever way of saying she was pricking his heart right through with her actions.

If a woman’s day begins at 8pm, it cannot be considered very good. Eminem simply tries to say that she has a lot of casual ‘business’ at night. And she spends all his money with her friends, whom Em graciously calls prostitutes.

Hit the club and you go out don’t know a sum
‘Cause when I calculate the times you cheated and total up all the amounts
It doesn’t add up ’cause you say that just giving out your number doesn’t count

Eminem says she has no clue how her life is lead. She goes out partying, spending all his money and doing god knows what all night long. “Just giving out my number” is a nice way of covering up being a loose person. Em says if he adds up the amount of times she cheated on him and try to tally with the times she said she is just giving out her number, the numbers don’t match.

Then see me with someone new get mad and flip it look bad you spin it
First you turn your back on me then tell me that I stabbed you in it
Stabbed you in it, stabbed you in it, stabbed you in it
Stabbed you in it, slut

Eminem does not hold back on his vocabulary on this girl who cheated on him. She cheats on him countless times and the moment he is seen with another girl she loses it and tells that he stabbed her in the back.

So when you’re driving, driving to his house
And you pass me while I’m driving to hers
Just remember
You cheated on me first
You’re a whore, you’re a whore
This is war
Fellas, ladies.

This is a pretty sad and funny situation that all of us should hope never to find ourselves in. He is driving to another woman’s house and she is driving to another man’s house and they pass each other on the road. We see what Pink meant when she said “Revenge” is a funny song.

After a small outro done by both Pink and Eminem, “Revenge” comes to an end and we are left with a nice beat and a memory.

“Revenge” is a fun and funny song just like Pink mentioned and it should be taken as such. We do not believe that these lyrics were targeted at anyone in particular by both the artists.

What do you think about this song? Do you think these lyrics mean something else to you? Let us know in the comments below and we will make a conversation.

2 thoughts on “Pink – Revenge Ft. Eminem (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

  1. I think it’s funny how different Pink and Eminem’s idea of revenge is. Pink wants to hurt her ex while Eminem wants to cheat on his ex in return. Even though they sing of how to do revenge together, they’re not on the same page. At the end of the song, I get the image that Eminem reaches Pinks door (to do ‘revenge’) and he’s like ‘Fuck, yeah!!’ but then Pink slams the door in his face. It’s hilarious.

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