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Watch Eminem Drop a Trump-Targeted Freestyle at BET Hip Hop Awards 2017

Earlier today Eminem gave all of us a fair warning that something was coming up soon. On Instagram he posted a picture of himself and captioned “You’re going to want to tune into BET tonight. #HipHopAwards.” And he was right. The Stans were given a heated freestyle by the Rap God especially catered towards Donald Trump administration.

Eminem has publicly expressed his disgust towards President Donald Trump, we could say, everytime he was seen in public. He wore “Fack Trump” t-shirts at his appearances at Reading Festival earlier this year. So we can clearly say that this Donald Trump rip off was coming soon.

Prior to BET Hip Hop Awards tonight, Eminem was seen in a parking lot surrounded by a group of people whom looked to be rappers and he murdered Trump in a freestyle cypher. Eminem talks about all the insensitive and arrogant features of Trump and what it actually could cause us-“a nuclear holocaust.”

Watch Eminem Blast Donald Trump at BET Hip Hop Awards 2017

The freestyle is titled “The Storm” as Eminem calls out at the beginning of the video. Em also brings out some interesting and controversial points about the Trump administration in utter disgust.

Lyrics for “The Storm” Freestyle by Eminem

Eminem even draws a line between himself and his fans saying if you are a Trump supporter, he would not rather have them as his fans. Eminem is getting really political and very serious with his claims as well.

We would not expect Trump to respond to any of this, as he has enough bad PR already and none of these allegations can be dismissed.

There are rumors that a new Eminem albums is on the way, or rather it is finished by now. This album would tell us a lot about the new Eminem and what his years of solitude has done to the person. There are also rumors that a collaboration with Pink on a track titled “Revenge” is dropping soon, so we will keep an eye on that as well.

What do you think about “The Storm” freestyle by Eminem? It sure was unexpected. But was it to your satisfaction? Let us know in the comments below and also let us know what these lyrics mean to you.

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