Watch Full Performance by Eminem from 2017 Reading Festival (HQ)

At 44 years old, Eminem is till pumping hard doing what he love. At the 2017 Reading Festival, Eminem took to stage with his fellow artists to deliver one and half hours of pure rap music from his archives. The Rap God performed the same setlist he did at Glasgow show and this time he did not mess up the lyrics to “Stan.” 😛

Eminem’s team had requested BBC not to telecast the show live, so this recording of the show is probably the only source of the full concert remaining. It is in high quality-both audio and video wise.

Watch Eminem at Reading Festival 2017

The setlist includes the below tracks and time ticks are mentioned for easy reference.

  1. Band Intro – 0:00
    2. Square Dance – 1:00
    3. Won’t Back Down – 2:27
    4. 3 a.m. – 4:20
    5. Business – 6:06
    6. Kill You – 7:35
    7. White America – 11:30
    8. Mosh – 13:30
    9. Evil Deeds – 15:15
    10. Rap God – 17:00
    11. Soldier – 22:16
    12. Just Don’t Give a Fuck – 23:52
    13. Criminal – 25:30
    14. The Way I Am – 28:00
    15. Detroit Vs Everybody – 31:34
    16. Fast Lane (Bad Meets Evil song) – 32:52
    17. The Hills (Remix) (The Weeknd cover) – 35:10
    18. Drop the World (Lil Wayne cover) – 37:50
    19. Airplanes, Part II (B.o.B cover) – 40:10
    20. Stan – 42:45
    21. Sing for the Moment – 46:30
    22. Like Toy Soldiers – 48:00
    23. Forever (Drake cover) – 50:25
    24. Love the Way You Lie – 55:48
    25. Berzerk – 1:00:35
    26. ‘Till I Collapse – 1:04:30
    27. Cinderella Man – 1:06:30
    28. The Monster – 1:09:30
    29. My Name Is – 1:16:20
    30. The Real Slim Shady – 1:17:51
    31. Without Me – 1:19:33
    32. Not Afraid – 1:22:25

33. Lose Yourself – 1:31:00

If you don’t get goosebumps watching this performance, Rap music isn’t for you.

The Rap God did not break a sweat performing all of these iconic tracks. He even went in supersonic speed in the supersonic verse in “Rap God.”

Eminem has not backed down from showing that he is an avid hater of Trump establishment. He wore a “Fack Trump” t-shirt at Glasgow and asked he asked the crowd to scream “F*ck Trump” at Reading Festival. Adding to that Eminem said “I’m not gonna use this stage for political shit and I don’t wanna cause controversy, but this motherf*cker Donald Trump I can’t stand.” It doesn’t come any more straighter than that.

Eminem wearing

Eminem wearing “Fack Trump” t-shirt at Glasgow concert, 2017

What do you think about the setlist for Eminem’s Glasgow and Reading Festival? Did he miss any of your favorite songs from the past? If so, let us know in the comments below and do share this articles with fellow Stans.

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