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Taylor Swift Premiers Almost-Naked “…Ready For It?” Music Video

Taylor Swift’s promotional single “…Ready For It?” sparked some major controversy when she released a snippet that showed some cyborg form of Taylor who was barely dressed. That was a couple of days ago and today we got the full music video and it’s more intense and sexier than we imagined.

“…Ready For It?” promotional single appears in Taylor’s upcoming album ‘Reputation’ releasing in Nov 10th. The video is directed by none other than Taylor’s long time producer, Joseph Khan.

“…Ready For It?” video shows two Taylors fighting each other, again. Last time in LWYMMD video we saw Taylor almost killing her previous personas. This time we see the creator and the created fighting head on and the created wins the war in the end. What is not clear to us is that which Taylor signifies a good Taylor, or someone whom she actually want to resemble?

Watch “…Ready For It?” Music Video by Taylor Swift

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If you are wondering what the lyrics mean, you can read our article on dissecting the meaning of the song here.

What does the video mean?

“…Ready For It?” music video is clearly a signal of uprising-which seems to be the theme of ‘Reputation’ era.

The cyborg-fully-dressed Taylor Swift we see in the beginning of the video seems to be the creator of the latter-almost-naked Taylor Swift. The latter seems to be created inside a glass cube with some kind of technology. On their first meeting they face-off and it does not go well for the creator.

What is Taylor trying to say? No matter how many rules and regulations are imposed on a free soul, it cannot keep them down? At one point the underdog overpowers the shackles that keep them down. Sometimes these shackles are within themselves.

This is what we take from this very sexy music video by Taylor Swift. What do you think?


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