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Eminem Premiers “Walk On Water” Single Featuring Beyonce (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Eminem teased the release of his first single in 2017, titled “Walk On Water” yesterday with a note on a prescription pad. Eminem’s new album is based on the concept that his new album ‘Revival’ is the medicine that Stans have been waiting for. And “Walk On Water” is the first pill and it came with a surprise.

There were no rumors that Eminem was working with Beyonce on his new album, but “Walk On Water” chorus has been done by the angel of Pop music. Eminem and Jay-Z have a long running history in music and this friendship must have lead to this collaboration. This is one of those ‘ultimate collaborations’ kind of deals.

The song has been written by Skylar Grey, Beyonce and Eminem himself

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Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Walk On Water”

The new single gives us a side of Eminem that we have never seen before. He is questioning why anything he does is not good enough. He is questioning if it is his own fault for keeping on raising the bar for himself and the industry, now nobody can reach up to that state-not even him.

Eminem says the bar he has set for himself seems a bit higher now. Everytime he stretches himself and tries to reach it, he catches air. And on the rare occasion that he does grasp it, he cannot hold on, it slips through his hands.

Marshall Mathers says he is feeling the pressure now-the pressure to outperform him. The pressure to outperform the Rap God. And he feels the ice cracking underneath him.

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Beyonce joins in with the chorus of “Walk On Water” and it sounds like a voice sent from heaven.

I walk on water
But I ain’t no Jesus
I walk on water
But only when it freezes (fuck)

Eminem declared himself the “Rap God” in his 2013 single from ‘The Marshall Mathers LP2.’ But now he says that even he has limitations and it is not possible to outperform himself all the time. This is called as life which is common to all mortals.

Verse 2

Eminem tells us that he set himself a very high standard with his ‘The Marshall Mathers LP…’ album series. MMLP is his best selling album even to-date with over 32 million copies sold and counting. This is a tough target to beat and he feels like he is losing grip.

Eminem has not been seen out of his studio in 2016. It was rumored that he was in seclusion in his studio spitting our bars and making new music. Guess the rumors were correct. However, Eminem sheds a more clearer light on the situation. He is working constantly in search of the next hot bar-next rhyming scheme and next flawless verse. And this takes a toll on any great mind.

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I’m not God-sent
Nas, Rakim, Pac, B.I.G., James Todd Smith, and I’m not Prince, so…

Eminem admits he is not God-sent and lists out some of the icons and forefathers of the music business whom he considers to be God-sent.

On the outro of “Walk On Water,” Eminem speaks out his mind;

If I walked on water, I would drown
‘Cause I’m just a man, but as long as I got a mic I’m godlike
So me and you are not alike
Bitch, I wrote “Stan”

He accepts that he is a mere human being and he cannot perform miracles. But he reverts back saying, infront of a mic he is God-like. “Stan” appears in MMLP and is considered one of the greatest songs of all time by critiques. In the song the crazy fan says ‘Eminem and himself are somewhat alike.’ Eminem replies to that now saying, they are nothing alike because his life was written by Em in the form of a lyrical masterpiece.

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