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Eminem Teases New Single “Walk On Water” from ‘Revival’ Album

It is no news that Eminem is about to release his newest album. There has been many rumors from other artists who work close to him that a new album is in the making and it’s dope. The rumors were confirmed when Em’s manager, Paul Rosenberg, dropped some hints at a fake medicine commercial. Fans analyzed the clues dropped in the fake drug website and deducted that is was in-fact about Eminem-rather his new album.

All signs lead us to believe that the album is titled ‘Revival’ and today’s little revelation by Eminem proves us correct. Today, Eminem’s official social media handles shared a picture of a prescription paper.

Obviously the prescription is given from ‘Revival’ institute and it prescribes a drug called “Walk On Water.” This is a clear signal that a new Eminem song is dropping soon. With the release of the prescription note, Eminem did not release any comments. But the doctor behind the pills recommend ‘Revival’ for daily use and “Walk On Water” to be taken “as needed.”

Eminem Teases “Walk On Water” Single

eminem walk on waterThere is no further information attached to this notice, so we are expecting the new single to drop very soon. Our estimation is 10th Friday of November.

No album details are available as of yet, except for this fake website for ‘Revival’ medicine. This fake website is full of Eminem references that it isn’t even trying to hide the fact.

1-REVIVAL is a non-injectable medication given through the ear canal, and is not intended for anal use.
2-REVIVAL does not cause these side effects, but if you have them you should for sure seek medical attention, “I need a doctor”.

These are the footnotes available on the website for the symptoms you should watch out before you take ‘Revival.’ Marshall Mathers is clearly saying people are going get ‘anal’ or pissed off at this album, so use at your own discretion. “I Need a Doctor” needs no explanation for a Stan.

Taking everything into consideration, it is very clear that the new Eminem album is around the corner and his new 2017 song “Walk On Water” is almost upon us. So stay tuned with us for a comprehensive look at the lyrics of the song once the song releases.

In the meantime let us know your expectation of the new album ‘Revival’ and new single “Walk On Water” by Eminem.

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