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Watch Taylor Swift Create “Delicate” Song from ‘Reputation’ Album

“Delicate” appears as one of the sweeter and innocent songs of Taylor Swift from her latest album ‘Reputation.’ The album has been a massive success that it is spending the second week on top of Billboard 200 chart. We believe that “Delicate” speaks about Taylor Swift in the wake of a new relationship-possibly with current boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

Taylor Swift has now released a behind the scenes video of how “Delicate” came to be a full blown song. She also gave a sneak peek into “Gorgeous,” which is also believed to be about Joe Alwyn.

It is quite amazing to see the transformation process of a song from broken and uneven lyrics to a final work of art with music and rhythm. In this making-of video of “Delicate,” Taylor Swift shows us how the song was made with music being added and enhanced every step of the way. It is clear that this is not an easy task.

Watch Taylor Swift Create “Delicate” Song

In the production of the song, she is being helped by her producers of the album and we can see all of them working together and having fun in the studio.

Let us know what you think about the creative process behind creating a electro-pop song such as “Delicate.”

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