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Camila Cabello Premiers Sexy “Never Be the Same” Single (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

After her solo hit “Havana,” Camila Cabello has premiered yet another single which shows a lot of potential. “Never Be the Same” will be the third single off of Camila’s debut solo self-titled album expected to be released in January 2018. The new single is catchy and Camila hits some very high notes in the song.

“Never Be the Same” talks about an electrifying connection between two potential lovers. Camila is completely obsessed over this guy and she is addicted to his everything like a drug.

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The lyrics to the song are quite catchy but we will take a look at some creative lines.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Never Be the Same”

Verse 1

Something must’ve gone wrong in my brain
Got your chemicals all in my veins
Feeling all the highs, feeling all the pain
Let go of the ways I used to fall in lane
Now I’m seeing red, not thinking straight
Blurring all the lines, you intoxicate me

Camila speaks how much she is intoxicated with this person. She has all her brain fluids worked up and dreaming about him. She is constantly thinking about being with him and the reality that he is not with her.


Just like nicotine, heroin, morphine
Suddenly, I’m a fiend and you’re all I need
All I need, yeah, all I need

She compares him to three of the most addictive drugs there are, intending that she cannot get enough of him. A ‘fiend’ is an evil spirit who has a lust for blood. Camila does not hold back comparing herself to a blood thirsty hound, in lust or hunt for his love.

Verse 2

Sneaking in LA when the lights are low
Off of one touch I could overdose
He said, “stop playing it safe, girl, I wanna see you lose control”

Now they’ve got to the steamy bits and Camila is melting at his touch, and he seems to be the right amount of ‘bad boy’ for Camila.

Even though, lyrically simple, Camila Cabello has delivered a very catchy and Pop song from her new album. We are certain that “Never Be the Same” too would be a big hit.

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