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Watch “End Game” Teaser Trailer by Taylor Swift with Release Date and Time

The most anticipated music video from Taylor Swift’s ‘Revival’ album has been announced. Why is “End Game” the most awaited video? Because, the song has three features and one of the very few tracks that contain featured artists off of the new album. Also, Ed Sheeran is in the song and the video. The second featured artist is Future-whom looked like an odd choice for a Taylor Swift song-but fitted in equally well nonetheless.

Taylor Swift took to Instagram statuses today to tease the soon-releasing “End Game” music video. The teaser clip is filled with fun-filled parties, costumes, drinks and action. Hopefully, the full video will outdo the teaser.

Watch Teaser Trailer for “End Game” Music Video

The teaser aired on Thursday during Good Morning America as well and the full video drops at midnight Friday. So keep your eyes peeled for this bundle of excitement.

According to GMA, “End Game” video has been shot in Tokyo, Miami and London, so we can expect a lot of outdoor action and indoor parties.

Katy Perry in “End Game” Music Video?

There were some leaked photos from the scenes of recording the music video and it looked like the figure of Katy Perry on set. This has not been proved neither denied. So still the possibility exists that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift would finally bury their hatchets in the video.

Stay tuned with JustRandomThings for more updates on the release of the music video and exclusive look at the release of the video tomorrow.

In the meantime, let us know your expectations for this music video by Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Future. Instant hit?

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