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Eminem – Nowhere Fast Ft. Kehlani (Extended) (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“Nowhere Fast” appeared in Eminem’s latest album ‘Revival’ in December 2017. It was one of the tracks with a featured artist and Kehlani did an amazing job on this track. However, today Eminem released the extended version of the song which includes an additional verse that speaks about his inner feelings of the issues in the USA.

Lately Eminem’s themes of music have been political, outraged and sensitive towards society. He is expressing his disgust in the most open way through his music and there is nobody to challenge him. Em has a strong opinion about Donald Trump and he has not been scared to show it off.

The new verse in “Nowhere Fast” extended version speaks about the shootings happened in schools in USA, as he looks down on them with disgust. He points out the shootings at “Sandy Hook Elementary School” and “Stonemason Douglas Highschool” specifically.

Sandy Hook, Stoneman Douglas, another lone wolf gunman
Sometimes I don’t know what this world has come to, it’s blowin’ up
This whole country is goin’ nuts and the NRA is in our way
They’re responsible for this whole production, they hold the strings to control the puppets
And they threaten to take away donor bucks
So they know the government won’t do nothin’ and no one’s budgin’, gun owners’ clutchin’
Their loaded weapons, they love their guns more than our children
Shh, I think another one just entered in our buildin’, and we’ll be

Em calls out the National Rifle Association of America (NRA) for advocating the use of guns among the public and directly says these people are responsible all the deaths happening due to irresponsible gun uses.

Then Eminem goes on to say that the present government puts a blind eye towards this, and because of that the NRA is stronger.

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The entire “Nowhere Fast” track is filled with agony of the things spiraling down in this society. Terrorist attacks, gun violence, hatred for races, color discrimination and corrupt leaders are some of the issues addressed in the song.

Kehlani’s chorus adds the icing on top the cake. She sings about the skies being full of dust and dark due to the ashes of the burnt and bombed earth and this also represents the corruptness of the leaders above the normal people. She also says that the youth are getting more and more corrupt due to the way society is structured. She also sees no way out of this fast. So she says don’t believe what you are told by the ones in power, because despite their fairy-tales, the real issues still exist and are growing. Nothing is going anywhere fast.

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