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First Pictures of Taylor Swift and Boyfriend Joe Alwyn Hiking Surface

Taylor Swift’s current relationship with British actor Joe Alwyn has been kept in such secrecy, that it was becoming doubtful if they were in a relationship anymore. The first rumors of the two stars dating spurred up after a bunch of hazy photographs were taken of the two of them on a beach house balcony. After that, there was nothing about them on the news.

However, this media evasion was part of Taylor Swift’s plan of protecting the relationship. She has taken her previous relationships to the public before and they have crashed and burned. Hence, this time, Taylor Swift was extra cautious to not to be seen to the public eye. She, herself kept out of the public for so long, except for weddings and shooting music videos. And the relationship has lasted for a year now. Congratulations!

Musical References

The main themes of Taylor Swift’s latest albums are; addressing her haters and adoring her current boyfriend-Joe Alwyn. She says he is a boyfriend who keeps himself above the hate, the gossip and the backlash. It could be one reason why this relationship has lasted this far.

Some boys are tryin’ too hard / He don’t try at all, though/Younger than my exes but he act like such a man, so/I see nothing better, I keep him forever/Like a vendetta-ta – “…Ready For It?”

Ocean blue eyes looking in mine/I feel like I might sink and drown and die. – “Gorgeous”

So prove to me I’m your American Queen/And you move to me like I’m a Motown beat/And we rule the kingdom inside my room. – “King Of My Heart”

Note that Taylor says their kingdom is their bedroom, which is indirectly saying that those two were forced inside the houses for privacy reasons.

And so it goes…

The Hike with Joe Alwyn

No matter what precautions taken, it is impossible to stay out of sight for long. After a year, Taylor Swift and boyfriend Joe Alwyn has decided to take a hike in the woods and some cameraman caught the smell of this.

So here are the pictures you have been waiting for:

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Holding Hands, Hiking



Congratulations again to Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn! We really hope you too make it out as a couple and tie the knot some day.

Let us hear your well wishes for this adorable couple in the comments below.

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