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Jennier Lopez Premiers Sexy “Dinero” with DJ Khaled and Cardi B (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Jennifer Lopez adds her own contribution to music in 2018 with a brand new single and a sizzling hot music video for “Dinero.” J-Lo has some backup on this new hit as she is backed up by two hitmakers of recent history-Cardi B and DJ Khaled. In other words, “Dinero” was born to be a hit, and there are tell-tale signs of that becoming truth, as the YouTube video has already gathered over 4 million views within the course of hours since release.

“Dinero” is pure Hip-hop music and has several rap verses by Cardi B. DJ Khaled joins on and off with some lines here and there. The song appears in ‘Por Primera Vez’ album by JLo. The lyrics to this song has been done by 10 people including Mohombi, DJ Khaled, and Cardi B.

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We see Jennifer Lopez in some sexy lingerie throughout the music video and Cardi B joins her on bed halfway through. Cardi B’s verse is entirely delivered from bed accompanied by J-Lo, where both are wearing plunging tops.

For a brief second, we also get the see the young Robert De Niro, who has nothing to do with the meaning of the song but has a similar surname.

“Deniro” is about earning money and spending it, which all of these three artists know how to. The word “deniro” specifically means ‘money’ in Spanish and is widely used in English slang as well.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Deniro”


The lyricists have us jumping in between English and Spanish in these lines. Benjamin Franco is a phrase for Benjamin Franklin who is printed on the US $100 bill. ‘Banco’ is again Spanish for ‘bank.’ In a creative manner, the artist is trying to say that she is pretty much living at the bank with all the money she is getting.

Pesos are the Latin American currency and “¿qué estás haciendo?” translates to ‘what are you doing?’ in English. The two languages combined makes the sentence, ‘if you are not getting the money, what are you doing?’

Verse 1

Jennifer Lopez says her man and herself are making so much of money that these notes can be stacked up to the ceiling. As of now, JLo is dating baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez, who is estimated to have a net worth of $500 million. JLo’s estimated net worth is at $360 million in 2018.

“Cállate la boca” in Spanish translated to “shut your mouth” in English.


The chorus is very catchy and all three artists take part in vocalizing these lyrics. These lines too fluctuate between Spanish and English.

“Yo quiero” in Spanish translates to “I want” in English, which makes up the chorus as “i want money” roughly.

Verse 2

Interesting line from JLo in this part of “Dinero” is when she says her money talks bilingual. We could interpret this as JLo being of Latin American descent and being born and raised in America. She has pretty much conquered Hip-hop in both natives and languages.

She also gives a shoutout to Peurto Rico, where her parents are originally from.

Verse 3

Cardi B is the perfect partner in crime to sing about money, as she has proven from her previous hits “Bodak Yellow” and “Bartier Cardi.”

Talk behind my back, but never up in my face, though
I just want my money, chips, guac, and queso
Y’all can kiss my ass, dame un beso

Could there be a cold war developing between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. It is very unclear who Cardi B referring to with these lyrics? But it could be a reply to Nicki Minaj’s latest outcry “Chun-Li.”

Cardi B then moves on to sing about her Dominican descent, her new money, designer wear, cars, and holding a power position in Hip-hop in a short time.

She is not shy to announce her past working at a strip club.

Cardi from the pole and Jenny from the block (block)

‘Pole’ is the stripping pole where she used to dance at-not so far long ago. She has come a long way since. She also takes us back to a sweet memory back from 2002 of JLo’s hit single “Jenny from the Block.”

With a repeat of the chorus and the hook, “Deniro” comes to an end and it has been a thrill ride along with the music video.

We love this new track and video from Jennifer Lopez, DJ Khaled and Cardi B, and would love to hear your comments. Leave your thoughts on the comments section below.

Full Lyrics to “Deniro” by Jennifer Lopez


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