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Funniest Parodies of “This Is America” by Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino has probably delivered the song of the year for 2018 with his brand new single “This Is America.” It is quite difficult to pinpoint what exactly makes it special. It could be the straight-up lyrics highlighting some of the burning racial issues in America, or it could be the music video that shows an interesting perspective, or it could be the unique dance move of Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino in the video, that has sparked a trend. Maybe, it is a combination of all this, but “This Is America” is the #1 track in the American right now. Quite the irony!

This extreme popularity has made a massive cultural impact on the entire world right now. Fans have been covering the track, remixing, DJ-ing and even making parodies. We have encountered some extremely hilarious parodies of “This Is America” and want to share them with you. These are not given in any particular order, but we highly recommend that you go through all of them. Trust us, it will be worth it.

“This Is Korea”

Our first choice is a “This Is America” converted to Korean. Don’t worry, the parody is not in Korean language, but speaks about Korea as Childish does on America.

Popular YouTube Big Marvel has come up with his own rendition of the popular hit track. He very casually talks about ‘freedom,’ ‘overwork,’ ‘no holidays,’ ‘KPop,’ ‘kimchi’ a popular dish in Korea which is not 100% good for your health and even living in ‘tension.’ At least he murders some rubber duckies instead of choir groups.

“This Is Jamaica”

This is one of the pretty accurate reproductions of the original “This Is America,” with a twist of Jamaica. The video features YouTube JnelComedy, who does a pretty accurate rendition of the unique dance choreography of Childish Gambino. Jnel talks about the party lifestyle of Jamaica, girls, aids and many more in the context of his nation.

“This Is Canada”

Johnny Gauthier is not big on reproducing the dance choreography of “This Is America” original. Instead, his parody comes with some hilarious lyrics about Canada.

He embraces the “Canada is too nice” concept in his rendition of the song and also goes on to say Canadians love their hockey and their habit of saying ‘sorry’ for pretty much everything. He embraces the stereotypical slurs made about Canada and throws them at us. Instead of a gun, he takes out a coffee can and sings “coffee I’m sipping up” and you know it doesn’t get any better than that.

“Kermit’s America”

We are at a loss for words to explain this parody for you. This is Kermit the frog in a brutal video game which quite resembles the background violence we saw in the original version. We invite you to decide if this is the best parody or what!

“This Is America, So Call Me Maybe”

Okay, let us tell you how to enjoy this parody. You have to completely forget the existence of the original “This Is America” track. Don’t sing along with the video. Think of the video as the official music video for “Call Me Maybe” and see the magic. It actually syncs up quite weirdly and perfectly.

Doland Trump Singing “This Is America”

Of course, no amount of parodies would be sufficient without the current president of the USA singing the song. So, here is Donald Trump singing “This Is America” which is quite ironical. You won’t be disappointed with the additional headbangers of Trump inbetween lyrics added here.

So, there you go, some of the most popular and funniest parodies of “This Is America.” Of course, there is a chance we missed some more in the vast numbers of parodies being put out everyday. If you come across a funnier remake, comment below and we will consider adding it as well.

Let us know what you think about these parodies and which one is your favorite and why. Also, share this article with your friends.

UPDATE: 28/05/2018

“This Is Nigeria”

This parody was released two days ago and was too good not share. Musician Falz came up with this creative rendition and it has a very high production value. He talks about the economic issues, political corruption, outlaw of the law and other social issues prevalent in Nigeria in this video.

UPDATE: 02/06/2018

More countries joining in, some even fictional.

“This is New Zealand”

And from the Marvel universe, we get this hilarious parody by Azerrz.

“This is Wakanda”

UPDATE: 23/06/2018

We dwell more into “This Is America” covers and this time Iraq takes over. There’s a quite massive backhanded slap to the USA in the lyrics. Make sure to turn on subtitles for the Iraq verses.

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