delvin hindle play pretend single review

Delvin Hindle Premiers New “Play Pretend” Single (Review)

Delvin Hindle could be titled the most exciting singer making waves in the international arena from the island of Sri Lanka. The 20-year-old singer and songwriter has already produced some top-notch standard music and music videos for a wide array of spectators. His latest addition to the portfolio is titled “Play Pretend” and you would want to listen to this song twice!

Delvin Hindle’s previous hits include his first ever single “Wish You Were Here” in 2016 and “Forget It All” in the same year. Hindle’s last hit was titled “Ride It” and this song really brought him to the mainstream music industry earlier this year. The fourth single “Play Pretend” has a solemn and sad tune.

In an interview with, Delvin said the song was about his “ex…and stuff.” So we know these lyrics come from his heart.

“Play Pretend” has been written by HiBSHI along with Delvin. Production and mixing of the song is done by popular Sri Lankan producer HiBSHI.

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This brand new song speaks about how the artist has to play pretend when it comes to confronting his feelings for the girl he lost.

Delvin seems to have endured a painful breakup and he is still suffering from the after-effects. Once she was the air he breathed in, and now he is a ghost to her. He hears a repeat of her voice and smiles in his head, still.

“And I miss the glare when I look into your eyes…”

Delvin has trouble sleeping as she is the only thing he dreams of. He lies to his friends that is “okay” after the breakup. However, he admits that only God would know if he could ever win this game of “play pretend.”

Verse 2 of the song admits that Delvin and the girl faced some issues through the sleepless nights. But they also made up by the morning. Guess the broken glasses can never be fixed.

The lyrics are beautifully written and Delvin is able to capture the emotions of post-breakup-heartaches in his vocals, despite the electronic and upbeat music of the track.

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